What you don’t know, can hurt you!

“To know yet to think that one does not know is best; Not to know yet to think that one knows will lead to difficulty.” -Lao Tau

If you search Google for ‘how to cure acne’, overnight application of garlic juice comes up as one of the recommendations. But, do you know that leaving garlic on you skin overnight can lead to second degree burns? Long ago when I was foolish, someone said garlic juice removes dark marks on the skin. I left a piece of raw garlic on my shin overnight, only to wake up with that section peeled off. Even the white layer underneath was visible. Now when I look at the suggestions on Google, I feel terrified at the amount of half baked information available so freely. Imagine someone leaving garlic on face and waking up with burns!!

I have relied on Google for a lot of queries, we all do, but every answer needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. 


The same goes for workouts. Planks and it’s variations are incredible core exercises, which can be done anywhere, anytime. Simple, effective – I feel it’s a power pack. But, if the correct posture is not maintained, it would be an invitation to terrible lower back pain.

How about the stereotypes and misconceptions we have about people and cultures we have never experienced?  The cuisines that we ridicule, along with religious beliefs and ancient traditions. Not knowing and understanding enough about our neighbours is why our world is in such a quandary.


We all are adventurous in our hearts, we love to try new things – be it beauty, food, health, travel … with so much information at fingertips away, both good and bad, we need to educate ourselves, because :

“A little learning is a dangerous thing; 
drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: 

there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, 

and drinking largely sobers us again.”

Blog-A-Thon Prompt – What you don’t know

46 thoughts on “What you don’t know, can hurt you!

  1. So true! I recently saw a picture of a sign in front of the library saying 'The library, because everything in the internet is not true'. It's difficult to get the right information in this world wide web.

  2. True, half baked knowledge and little learning is dangerous. Google is our life line now-a-days, but the info should be verified before putting it to use. Liked that infographic!

  3. Garlic has many uses in cooking but as a beauty product 🙂 Glad that you didn't put it all over your face. Great tips about right postures while exercising.

  4. You said it. This is exactly why when I pick a gym one of the major criteria is that there are enough trainers around to help/correct you. It is so easy to injure yourself.

  5. Very true Raj! Once Google suggested mayonnaise for shiny lustrous hair, that resulted in baldness of the woman forever! Such information are more dangerous, let alone they be of any help!
    So is with exercises! Thanks for sharing the correct postures pictures 🙂


  6. Hmm…people should not follow anything without their brains. Following blindly leads you nowhere.

    Google definitely helps you know/Learn things but it can't be antaryami 🙂

    Very thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Too good Raj! The last quote I am saving! With half-baked truths dispensed as info on Google anyone can proclaim to be a specialist. But one definitely needs to verify and think twice before accepting any form of knowledge as the ultimate truth.

  8. Raj good post from start to finish. I liked the way you have woven the prompt in a variety of thoughts and the pics off correct pland and lift postures.

  9. There are many of us who may know the exercises but the correct way is unkown. A few moth back I read that wrongly doing an exercise and overdoing it brings more harm to the body posture and health. Loved your take on the prompt!!

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