Sirius Caught Red-Handed

Oh don’t you worry, we gonna run like there’s no tomorrow“, I told my husband as we went for a run around the complex. Since Sirius and I ran (sluggishly walked) at a slower pace, I asked him to go ahead.
Of course, I was not going to run. It was a Sunday morning. Who runs on a Sunday Morning!!
10 minutes later he caught us off guard, sitting on the pavement, playing.


This is Sirius when he was just a month old, caught red-handed trying to escape from my high castle.

Sirius’s superpower are his melting chocolate eyes, which he unabashedly used, when caught strangling my high heels.

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43 thoughts on “Sirius Caught Red-Handed

  1. Sirius is such a fitting name for a dog! I never heard of anyone giving their dog this name, but being a Potterhead I should have been aware about it 😀

    I think his chocolaty eyes will encourage me to play with him a little. Just a little. 😀

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