Postcards from Hong Kong

Postcards from Hong Kong

Hello there, yup I am back with some more tales from Hong Kong. If you are planning a vacation then my post on Tips and Tricks to plan a trip to Hong Kong
 might help. Some of my favourite places were Tai O – A quaint Chinese village and Po Lin Monastery , not to forget the intriguing Food items I saw there.
Hong Kong Island, the spick and span business district with glass buildings and unending skyscrapers. 
A beautiful street art I found while walking through the crowded lanes Wan Chai

A city view of Tshim Sha Tsui area

While sailing towards Hong Kong Island on Star Ferry

Inside a Mall on New Year’s Eve

More captures from Hong Kong Island

I didn’t realise what it was until I had a closer look. Different kinds of fishes being sold at a random stall in Tshim Sha Tsui

Skywatch Friday 

12 thoughts on “Postcards from Hong Kong

  1. Very interesting. I am loving the "city view of Tshim Sha Tsui area" Tulika is right. Your posts are a visual treat!

  2. What amazing captures! The Hong Kong Skyline as seen from the sea is so picturesque! Those fishes in polybags… are they live fishes?

  3. That street art was amazing. And those fish.. I thought they were bouquets. Your posts are always visual treats Raj.

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