Of Blossoms, Succulents & Slips

Last Saturday I went to see the Cherry Blossom Festival at Auburn, Sydney. Most of the trees were laden with Cherry Blossom flowers, while a lot had already shed. This is just a two-weekend event every year, so you can imagine the crowd the garden attracts. There was Japanese dance performance, food, cosplay – all in all, a great afternoon.

The Sunday was spent on sketching something new. This is a portion of my work-in-progress. I wonder if I will manage to fix her lips 😛 She looks so horrified … and I seriously don’t understand my fixation with big anime eyes. I hope by the time this is complete, she would look a little less terrifying 😛

Guess what? After two failed attempts at propagating succulent through leaves, seems like I will finally have some success at my third attempt. See that little bud at the end. Took about 3-4 weeks for it to grow. Let’s just pray that it will slowly take root and grow into a gorgeous succulent.

I am facing a strange problem during my Yoga practice. Ever since I moved into my new home I can’t find a proper place to do backbends. My previous home had carpet flooring but now it’s all wooden. I have very sweaty hands and feet, so every time I try Wheel pose, I keep slipping. And on the mat I can’t seem to find a proper grip. I couldn’t hold the below pose for more than a couple of breaths as my hands kept slipping away. 

Anyone got a solution to this?

yoga asana
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19 thoughts on “Of Blossoms, Succulents & Slips

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I live 2 hours from Auburn…California:) A beautiful hilly area, Auburn is an artsy town with at least 10 art galleries.
    I love cherry trees – the blossoms are beautiful. Am an artist, so I don't need yoga to be at peace:)

  2. Beautiful pics, Raj! Love the cherry blossoms and that lovely sketch you made. I am absolutely envious of how effortless and graceful your yoga poses turn out to be. Wish I could do them someday!!!

  3. how about using that powder that weight lifters use for grips.. that shud keep the sweat away for some time …

    or one of those rugs that stick.. I have this square white piece that goes on the floor and then you place a rug on top.. so there is no slip.. dont know what it is called 🙁

    Lovely fotos .. thank you for sharing


  4. The cherry blossoms look great! And I like your sketch too. I don't think she looks terrifying, just a little in awe of something, perhaps the beauty of the blue blossoms around her! And good luck with the succulents.

  5. Great pictures and great sketch. I love animae eyes too..they are so expressive!

    And THAT is the yoga pose I completely avoid. Mainly because mine is a tiled floor, my hands keep slipping and mainly because I don't trust myself !

  6. Love your sketch! And the blossoms are so pretty! I hope I get to see it one day. I feel a slight satisfaction on seeing that backbend, being one of the very few postures I can hold. I hope you find your way for comfy yoga practice.

  7. Love the sketch….doesn't look horrifying to me….looks pensive though…as if she is thinking of her dream…..or some unfinished melody…..lovely cherry blossoms….

  8. So strange to see cherry blossoms in August (in your winter) that would never happen where I live. I'll have to wait until next May to see ours again.

  9. The succulent looks so cute. We have been planning for a balcony garden. Started with adding tea leaves to our flower pots to make the mud/sand in the tubs fertile and it has been going on for a month. So, what I'm trying to say is it takes effort and dedication to grow something and you have done it 🙂 and about the sweaty hands, get a rug and apply powder to your hands before trying. No idea if it would work but see if it is feasible

  10. Wow. What gorgeous photos, Rajlakshmi! The succulent looks cute! And so does your sketch. Backbends – would it be possible to use a largish carpet as John suggests? That could work.

    Hugs! You pretty girl!

  11. How about a rug like the carpet you're accustomed to? Just big enough so you have some room to move around but not so big that you can't roll it up and stow it.

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