55 Fiction: Ooh Ahh and Omm

Breathe In. Breathe out. I kept reminding myself.
Keep extending, a little more, just a little more.
Oh darn!! I am going to snap into two today.

That was when instead of feeling calm and open, fear gripped my heart and my back slacked. I was lying on the ground again.

Sigh no Kapotasana today.
That my friend is story of my life 😉

Blogarhythm prompt – Wishful Thinking (used as a theme for the post)

32 thoughts on “55 Fiction: Ooh Ahh and Omm

  1. Hmmm, strange. I couldn't see the photos on your blog but I could paste them in Pinterest and see them. Very peculiar. You sure are amazing how you can contort your body into all those poses. So flexible and fluid. Amazing girl! Sorry you didn't achieve the pose you wanted but it's still way better than anything I could do.

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