When Husband dons the Apron

So when the Husband dons the Apron, the Kitchen smells like all things nice and delicious.


This is his specialty … savior on a lazy day when the fridge contains nothing interesting… or when we need a change of flavor… Penne and Fusilli Pasta, cooked in white sauce, mushrooms and capsicum.

Poori and Aalu Masala

I have been craving poori for a really long time. The lack of any roti making skills in me doesn’t help either. So one weekend, we just decided to experiment. He mixed the flour, added Kasuri Methi and Jeera into the dough and started making small round rotis. I stood by the wok, filled with dangerous amount of oil ready to fry them really nice. As a result  —- ting!!! 
Aalu Masala recipe

Liver Fry

I am a total barbarian when it comes to Liver. Finished half kg in two meals. The amount of cholesterol in my body must have risen to lethal limits. But I can’t help it. He made it so tasty.


Another lazy day recipe, when he adds some extra zing to Chings Noodles.

Paneer Bhurji

That’s the latest recipe my husband tried after Googling and watching some Youtube videos. 

Now you know why I have to kill myself on the mat doing Muffin-top Massacre workouts.

23 thoughts on “When Husband dons the Apron

  1. Lucky you. I have been asking my husband to cook something delicious for me for past and half year and I have zero dishes till date :P. Need tips on how to make your husband cook for you.

  2. Wow! all that looks awesome. Super yum. Can i send VT over for some training? You and I can go for long walks and some photography sessions πŸ˜‰

  3. Ahh, now the secret's out! Your real motivation behind your yoga skills – to yoga in the morn and hog hubby's culinary skills at night! Lucky gal! Sadly my husband in the kitchen is nothing short of a bull in a china shop πŸ™

  4. Mahn, pasta! Noodles! And liver fry! Paneer bhurji is something I must try out soon. Not a fan of poori bhaji, but it looks delicious!
    A wonderful life indeed πŸ˜€

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