Vivid Sydney – Royal Botanical Garden

Did you check out the stunning 70m tunnel of LED lights, called Cathedral of Lights . 

-> Or the illuminated fountain of Somersaulting men at Martin Place 
-> The Sydney Opera House became an animated canvas at Circular Quay

Hello there … continuing my photo series on Vivid Sydney 2016, today, let’s stroll around the Sydney Royal Botanic Garden.

Sentiment Cocoon

Different zentangle like patterns were cast on the surrounding tress, which kept changing after a short interval of time. I absolutely admire the creativity and the complete execution of the idea. Against the Sydney Opera house and the harbour, this view looked fascinating!!

Royal Botanic Garden turned 200 this year and what a grand way to celebrate the occasion. The ‘Electric Garden’ brightened up the night in thousand hues.

Electric Garden

Do let me know which one is your favourite among all the installations. My favourite is still the Cathedral of lights.

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13 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney – Royal Botanical Garden

  1. Amazing!!! And great photos too 😀
    I hope to visit Sidney someday, the Opera House is so stunning!

    Thank you for joining #MondayEscapes 😉

  2. My favourite is always the Opera house but this was beautiful too this year. I didn't bother to brave my way through the cathedral of lights because of the crowds.

  3. Stunning! How long do they keep such installations? I wonder if they have intense debates there on the 'energy usage' for such installations/events. 🙂

  4. Wow! magnificent and stunning, Raj. I can't decide on a favorite – although I quite like the circular quay and cathedral lights. How amazing it must be to see them. The scale is mind-blowing!

  5. This is gorgeous. I always run out of words when I comment on your pictures. They are simply beautiful.

  6. Happy 200th to the gardens, these colors are glorious. "Sentiment Cocoon," lol. Wud make a great name for a band.

  7. Colorful. Are these installations permanent? I am thinking of Australia for a year now; hopefully I can visit soon

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