My Little Garden

The word Garden brings back memories of home. Of my Mom diligently watering the potted plants and my Dad painting the clay pots red. Of rose grafting ‘taken’ from friends, relatives and random parks and white lilies growing in metal ammunition boxes. Since Dad served in Armed Forces, the ammunition boxes served the purpose of pots in my home, while huge wooden boxes were turned into tables and beds. 

To me Garden is synonymous with settling down. Like how a root attaches itself to the soil and then gradually grows. So when I saw a pair of yellow roses blooming in the front-yard, along with Gerbera and Camellias, I had this sudden realization of being settled, of being stationery. I guess you will understand the gravity of my feeling more when I tell you that I have changed 8 homes in the last 10 years.

Let me take you on a stroll today – along my little garden πŸ™‚

Till last week little orange insects were having a feast on the leaves of my beautiful plants. I went to Bunnings over the weekend and got some insecticide and fertilizers. The insects are all gone now but as the temperature is dropping to 2 degrees, I am worried if my Tomato seedlings will survive the cold. The chilies have been re-potted, ready to be fertilised. Seems like I won’t be harvesting any vegetables until Spring.
I am trying to propagate Succulents. I had taken a Rosetta cutting from a garden and planted it in a well draining soil. I was so happy to see the roots develop after waiting for more than 3 weeks {that tub like pot in the front}

This is my favorite plant, but I don’t know what it’s called.

Cycads are now placed near sun facing window πŸ™‚

So do you own any indoor plants?

32 thoughts on “My Little Garden

  1. I am almost 100% sure your "mystery plants" are an ornamental kale or cabbage, Brassica oleracea. I love your perseverance in gardening under the harsh conditions of constant moving. I was a military spouse for four years and only had to move twice – I applaud you.

  2. We share the same joy of plants. I have close to fifty of them and consider them as my children much to my kids' amusement! Lovely post!

  3. We share the same joy of plants. I have close to fifty of them and consider them as my children much to my kids' amusement! Lovely post!

  4. Lovely little garden and I love succulents. I have four of them and they give me so much joy. Even I got this hobby from my Mum. While Papa is still lazy, Mum takes a lot of care of her plants. Both my brother and I have got the green thumb from her πŸ™‚

  5. The plants in the second last picture are just too beautiful! Blogging, Yoga, art, and now gardening. So many talents and hobbies that you are practising so perfectly! Fabulous:D

  6. 8 homes in 10 years?! Wow. I get your feeling of settlement. We did not start a garden in our temporary home since we were planning to shift soon, but ended up staying longer and we do have a garden by now. Lovely plants you have, it's a joy to watch them grow isn't it? πŸ™‚

  7. Garden is synonymous with settling down. I like that statement because when I think about it I feel it is so true. I am not good at keeping plants though…..:(

  8. Lovely garden Raj and I can see the pride and happiness with which you have displayed your little potted beauties! I love my little balcony garden too and know how much it means to you to have those lovely flowers, the succulents and the cactii as well as that lovely nameless beauty light up your home. You are settling down finally, it seems!

  9. Wow! Miss Green Thumb, I am super-impressed with your feats! It was lovely reading about your childhood memories of gardening. Yeah, I get what you are saying when you see the flowers blooming in your li'l space…it's like coming home finally! I do have quite a few plants at home but I confess I am not very good with them. Loved your cacti and succulents!

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