It’s not a Double Chin, it’s Swag Overload !!

“Hey, you seem to have gained some weight”, a friend said when I met her after a break of few months.
“Really”, I looked down wondering which part … was it my tummy or the thighs … no no it must be the toes.
“Oh it’s on your face silly”

And that my friend is the story of my life. Welcome to the world of a round faced girl whose chin is always at risk. Actually, do you remember all those cheesy scenes where the Hero will delicately hold the Heroine’s chin and gaze into her eyes, singing songs of yore? Well that’s never going to happen to me. ‘Coz I don’t have a chin!! There’s the nose, a mouth and then it all lumps together joining the neck. The anatomy of human face has stuff that my face could never fathom – like my invisible eyebrows.

Or take for example jawline. I see people can have lines along the face, angled at such perfection, as if drawn with a pencil and a ruler, chiseled by God himself. In my case, he was probably drawing a circle, that too freehand. I sometimes stretch my neck and push my face forward, just to see a semblance of jawline. Unfortunately, people throw weird looks when you go around walking like an Ostrich.

My face is like a mirror. Not only it is terrible at hiding my emotions, it shows the world what I ate the previous night – ‘ohh it must be cheese filled pasta, garlic stuffed bread rolls and an Elephant’. It’s no worse than a weighing scale, even a teeny tiny increase transforms into a glorious double chin. I sometimes see a triple chin too, lurking after a filling Hot-pot dinner session with my friends.

The first place where the fat deposits make home is my face, and that’s the last place from where it will go (if that’s ever going to happen). I do planks. I do push ups. I do yoga back bends in hope that one day the skin will hug the jaws. I even tried those outrageous kiss-the-ceiling face exercises that made me look even weirder than an Ostrich.

Now you know why I don’t take selfies… I got too much swag under my chin!!

So while I wait for the jawline to appear, let me drink my rose infused green tea and be envious of all the single-chin people of this world.

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50 thoughts on “It’s not a Double Chin, it’s Swag Overload !!

  1. Since I have borne the weight of chubby cheeks longer than you, let me tell you, it is these loathsome cheeks that'll keep you young-looking forever!

    So, rejoice!

  2. That was such a comic post, Raj! But may I confess? Each time I see your pictures, I envy you. I feel how 'fursat mein' you have been crafted by God! And he has made you so flexible, you can just twist and turn any way without breaking a single bone or pulling a muscle! I mean, if that's not lucky, then I wonder what is! You are a cute little package, Raj! Celebrate your cuteness! β™‘β™‘β™‘

  3. It is swag! You are one of the people I look upto when it comes to fitness! Don't be bothered about the double chin… πŸ™‚

  4. ha ha! I have got that neat round face where there is much more swag. On Sunday, I asked for a picture after Yoga and it turned out so bad that I haven't posted it. I am still thinking is it me, the hair or the angle. πŸ˜‰

  5. I always, always put on weight on my face first! :/

    As I'm battling my almost there double chin, I'm refraining from taking selfies πŸ˜›

    P.S: Loving the new look!

  6. Haha, I too have the tummy bulge problem like so many others..but exercise does set it up right. The face though, I haven't heard much of…but hey its surely cute? Consider it a special trait not everyone has πŸ˜‰

  7. If it makes you feel good, it's not only my chin that sags…..The other day I was doing my Sarvangasan when I found three bulges falling onto my shoulders….the last one being my tum!

  8. How we accept our very own flaws and do what we can for it? I was thinking of mid-section bulge all the time while reading your post. It's such a beautiful post. πŸ™‚ I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  9. Trade you! I had to laugh at your complaints about your double chin and no eyebrows. I never have trouble with a chubby chin but it's chubby everywhere else on my body like my stomach, butt and thighs. Care to trade? LOL! And you can have my furry eyebrows, too. I've never liked my bushy, redheaded hairy complexion with my Viking connections from long ago. Oh well. Keeps me warm in the cold Canadian winter, I suppose. Beats being bald.

    Good you can laugh about these supposed flaws, Raj. I've seen your photos and think you are quite beautiful, like a film star and I'm always amazed by your flexibility to do all those yoga poses. You're amazing! Flaunt it, Girl!

  10. haha, yes, double chin here too so I totally get you. And, the weirdest part is I do not have a chubby face which makes the err..swag more prominent πŸ˜‰ It's the first thing I notice in my selfies too. Hilarious post!

  11. Ha ha… This darned fat finds all kinds of places to make a home. Doesn't show on you, though. I cannot believe that after all that fantastic yoga it continues to stick.

  12. For me, it isn't my chin. It's my belly. And there's no swag in there, either. But on a serious note-I will never forget the "friend" who called me plain looking when I was a vulnerable teen, causing me years of anguish. That friend, just my humble opinion, should never have said that to you.

    1. I too have many such incidents … but I guess I have grown a thick skin now. Earlier it used to make me upset for some time but now I really don't think much πŸ™‚ Thank you for writing in πŸ˜€

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