DIY Home Decor – Quilling, Wool & a Bottle

This is a story about a lonely glass bottle and a yarn of wool. The bottle was lying in the kitchen, moping, ready to be thrown out when the colourful wool came to the rescue. Along with a handmade paper Dahlia and some quilling rolls, our little bottle got a complete makeover.

I bought this yarn at Lincraft sale without any project in mind. It has been with me for months. Now that the temperature sometimes drop to -2 Degree Celsius, I hardly venture outside during weekends. That means, more time for paper craft projects. πŸ˜€

The process was pretty simple, I applied some craft glue around the bottle and started wrapping the wool around it. Once that was one, I made a Dahlia following this tutorial.


And here’s how it looks, among my lovely succulents and cactus.

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45 thoughts on “DIY Home Decor – Quilling, Wool & a Bottle

  1. how many talents do you have woman? Tell me straight? And you ordering stuff reminded me of my list that need to be ordered online!
    It looks stunning! Just like you πŸ™‚


  2. It looks so pretty! With wool I remembered, last winter I learnt crocheting after getting inspired from tonnes of Youtube videos, I should get back to it soon.

  3. What a pretty bottle! It turned out great! Glad the bottle is less lonely now that you wrapped and decorated it. So -2C keeps you inside, eh? That's balmy and tropical over here in our Canadian winters! Haha!

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