Why no one asks a Man?

There are times when working women are posed with such intriguing and insightful queries by their colleagues that they often fall in a dilemma, whether to answer with a demure smile or give a Hi Five – in the face, with a chair.

“How can your parents let you go an onsite role before marriage?”

“Oh you have lived abroad … this was before marriage or after?”

“Doesn’t a woman marrying and leaving job go hand in hand?”

“How did your parents allow you to travel alone?”

“Why did you agree for H1B, isn’t it time for you to get married?”

“So how do you balance kids, home and work?”

“Why worry about onsite? Marry a H1B guy and go as a dependent!”

“Do you plan to have kids in future?” (In an interview)

They work in major IT companies in India and abroad, living in techno crazy metro cities illuminated by gizmo lights, with people from equally and more educated background, yet the stereotypes follow, like a hound dog. But, and a big but, a man is never asked these questions.

A huge applause to my friends who deal with these questions. Thanks for helping me in compiling this list 🙂 I love you gals Muaahhh!!!
In case you are wondering – “The US H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise…”. In short, the “golden” ticket to Amreeka
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8 thoughts on “Why no one asks a Man?

  1. haha..you nailed it! There's another one..Why do you leave office in time? You should either take care of kids or office.
    You want promotion but you have kids no/ or you are married no?

  2. Oh there are more –
    "Why do you want to go onsite- to escape marriage? but u do know as a lady u can't forever run from it right?" <– was asked by a Sr.mgr wen I wanted to travel to Uk and extend my visa there!

    "Why do u want to try H1b, dependent me Chali jaa na now that ur marriage is fixed! Cos even if I get u the visa there's no guarantee you'll be in the same location right!" <—- my Mgr when I asked for US visa cos my marriage got fixed
    Any ways lemme not turn my comment into a mini post! 😝

  3. Hahaha.. This is so correct! There are some more.. 'who will look after the kids when you go abroad?' 'Is money more important than family?' 'After marriage, career is not important. You don't have to be better than the spouse.' And some of you gifs are very apt responses.

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