The search for a Perfect Domain Name

This weekend I completed some of the tasks that have been on my list for more than a year. Yes, I am such an awesome procastinator. After a lot of brainstorming sessions on Whatsapp with my friends and sister, Pocketful of Maps is now the name of my two year old travel blog.

Picking up a name is even more difficult than choosing the perfect heels. All the good ones are always gone. But I have friends who are always in a state of idea-diarrhea, waiting for a chance to let it go. I liked quite a lot of the names they came up with. So in case you are looking for a travel domain name … here you go!!


But as usual they also came up with quirky ones

Bajibaji, TravelBaji, Wanderobaji (After a typo, instead of Raji I am now called Baji)
Wandering soul (which would have invited all sorts on spirits on my blog :P) , Shapeshifter, Bhataktiaatma (at this point I had to remind them I write travel stories not Aahat *shakes head*) 
RajiHatiBori (you can always trust your friends to shorten your 20 letter full name)
Wanderlustress (errr…)
The ladyhood of travelling trousers (alphabets want their letters back :D)

After sleeping over the matter, I came up with 
I-Wanderer and 
Pocketful of Maps. 

It was really difficult to pick one because I loved all of them. Solution: Put up for Vote. As a result, now Pocketful of Maps resides at

After looking at various deals by ehost, namecheap, Gandi and GoDaddy, I decided to go with GoDaddy. The integration with my blogspot site was super duper easy. I found some very useful links to configure and change DNS settings – here and here. I am not self hosting yet.


You might have noticed few things changed here as well. I found this awesome template at Gooyabi after 3 days of searching and hours of trial and error. There was one more I liked, called Blush. Check it out if you are interested in changing your template. Followed by the usual routine – Adding Twitter HandlePinterest button, adding Facebook Page and Instagram widgetI am still fixing some of the social media buttons here, so in case you notice something wrong please let me know.

These two items have been big on my list and I am so happy to have them crossed out. Please do let me know how you feel about it. *Excited*


18 thoughts on “The search for a Perfect Domain Name

  1. Congratulations! The name picking job seems to have been quite fun, although obviously tedious. Loved the many names your friends picked! πŸ˜€ Pocketful of Maps seems perfect.

  2. You have some amazingly creative friends! I would have found it impossible to pick ONE of the suggested names! Love it! And congratulations! Can't see your new template right now on phone, so will check it out later.
    Love, Kaddu

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