The book thief: Well, sort of a review

I know a lot of readers absolutely adored this book, so please don’t chase me with brickbats after reading this 🙂
The story is narrated by Death, about a girl named Liesel Meminger and her life in Germany during World War II
Death: Hey I am death, I carry souls and I will give you all the spoilers even
before the story begins. Hahaha!!
Me: Really… no mystery
Death: None at all. I will kill every mystery in advance… Enjoy!!
So yes, you don’t have to worry about me mistakenly giving out any spoiler because the author himself has done it for you. When you are going to kill a character at the end of the book, why tell the readers at the very beginning. In every chapter I was like… is he going to die… right now… NOW… ohh god not now!! But when the time came, I wasn’t surprised because I was expecting it. And this goes for every important event in the book. 
I don’t think I am a fan of experimental writing any more. There is no mystery. None. For someone whose favorite genre is Mystery/Thriller, you can imagine what a bummer it was.
“It was a Monday and they walked on a tightrope to the sun.” 
This incredibly beautiful quote by Markus Zusak is the biggest takeaway from the book. My heart just swoons at the imaginary… the feel of the words… the magic weaved by a dreamer. {Gush … fawn … swoon}
On one hand he writes thought provoking and powerful sentences, which I assume he would expect the readers to admire and understand. While on the other hand, snippets of dictionary meanings for various words are thrown all over the book. So when he gave the dictionary meaning of “Silence”, “Regret” and other commonly used words I was thinking hard, if my simple mind failed to grasp the meaning behind their usage. 
Is there any underlying purpose that I just couldn’t see? For if you understand please be kind and explain it to me too. Frankly after few times, I totally stopped reading any of these dictionary meaning. I got a big fat Oxford Dictionary to do that job for me.
Me: I have read enough… I just can’t connect with the book. It’s like reading a
documentary of events.

Death: Keep reading Saumensch!!

Me: Hey I learnt a German cuss word

Death: hmmm

Me(kneading my temples): Completed 400 pages …  should I stop?

Death: 400!!! Time to take out some tissues honey,
for you will get your heart broken… muhahahaha
And that’s what happened. A lot of events occur after 450 pages. The narration, the story line, the scenes – they grip your heart… clutch it and then wring it too. Took me over a week and heaps of sinful Lindt hot chocolate to get over the images of tragedy that the Book thief left behind. All I can say is the most likely and the most unlikely character survived!!

“You can kill a man with those words.
No gun.
No bullets.
Just words and a girl.” 

Damn you are right!!

6 thoughts on “The book thief: Well, sort of a review

  1. Aww.. I love the book for its beautiful writing. The story is not spectacular. But, the writing is just wow. I love the book, but my brother, who is a thriller and mystery guy, couldnt reach 50 pages.

  2. I had the same issue with the book. At the beginning of the chapter, he says exactly what is going to happen and I was like why do I even need to read it then? 😛 I did not like this book at all!

  3. Well, if you did not like the book, so be it. There will always be people who love a book or not. I loved this one. But I am disappointed with Dan Brown of Da Vinci code fame. But, such is life.
    I loved reading your review.

  4. I only saw the movie, didn't read the book. I know, those are entirely two different things and I cannot relate to the feel of reading it. But this is a funny take for a review, the book is worth a read I suppose? Considering the pages after 400? 😉

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