Of Wheels and Splits

Long time since I bored you with my yoga asanas and posts. Well, here I am.

Yes, the evenings are becoming colder everyday. I don’t think I like winters  anymore .. don’t even like moving at all. I just want to wrap myself in a cocoon of blankets. Once I am home after work, it’s so difficult to get on the mat. But then I watch all those amazing Yoginis on Instagram, in all sorts of mind-boggling poses, and I am like – what am I doing? That’s a motivation enough to get on the floor, do some backbends and arms balances. Sometimes I do it just to make myself feel better. 😀


My goal these days is to successfully do a Side Split. I don’t know why I didn’t accomplish that feat when I was younger. Every minute that I spend in a Straddle split position, I feel older and older. Now let me tell you, my splits are nothing like those of Gymnasts, haha not even close … it’s like when you slip on water and are desperately trying not to fall on your bum.

Cassey’s (Blogilates) Journey to Spilts guide is quite helpful (Seriously there’s answer to everything on the Internet except probably for the meaning of life … oh that’s 42 isn’t it?)

Anyway, in case you want to join this ‘journey to split’, hop in and let me know 😀

18 thoughts on “Of Wheels and Splits

  1. Ah how I envy you the ability to do a hand stand. I haven't done anything more than a tadasan, an adhomukhashwanasan and some half hearted janu shirshasan……every night I go to bed with a resolve to do some yoga in the morning but when I get up in the morning I'm too stiff to do anything. So its just a few stretches and twists…

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