Grimms #RIPChristinaGrimmie

I was in a mall when I read a random status about shooting in Orlando. Immediately I opened a news website praying ‘please let this be fake‘. I sat in my car and broke down. My heart bleeds to even think about the loss. I have been following Chritsina Grimmie since 2010, when her cover for “Just a Dream” became even more popular than the actual singer Nelly. I followed this chirpy and beautiful person whose voice touched me deep down. Christina was a famous Youtube singer before The Voice happened and she had a huge fan following even then. I have virtually seen her grow into a lovely 22 year old, with a charming personality and stunning vocals. She was so unlike other pop stars.

Her songs have been my ringtone, my comfort zone, an inspiration that hard-work can make all your dreams true.

I grieve her loss … I just can’t believe that she is gone!! This powerhouse of talent who had so much potential to be a much bigger star, so shockingly taken away from this world.

If you haven’t heard about this amazing talent, do listen to some of these. Rest in Peace, Christina. You will always, always be loved and remembered.

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  1. She was a great singer and I was cheering for her on The Voice. R.I.P. sweet songbird. ♥ Such a horrible tragedy and even worse, another one soon followed when all those people were killed in that nightclub. I have to say, I'm glad I don't live in the U.S.

  2. Such a shocking loss…still difficult to believe these things are happening far too often these days…wonder what kind of a world it is turning out to be!May Chiristina's soul rest in peace now that she is off to a better place!

  3. My favorite of hers will forever remain her performance during The Voice auditions. I listen and love her version of Wrecking Ball more than the original. Its sad that such a talent is lost. RIP Chritsina Grimmie.

  4. I am still trying to understand why someone would do something like this. She was just a young girl, a singer, why would anyone want to harm her? It'seems just sad.

  5. It was a disturbing incident, the loss of any life in such a fashion is deplorable. Its indeed hard to understand the rationale behind such an heinous act. Have not heard about Christina but your post was surely profound. Will listen to her via links shared by you. My condolence for the departed soul… May She Rest in PEace!!!

  6. I posted about Christina on Saturday and then the other massacre happened on Sunday. Both Orlando. Both senseless killing. When will all this end? I've been moving through the day in a zombie state ever since I heard the news and it's been difficult. I listened to Christina sing Adele's Hello and was overcome by the beauty in her voice. Rest in peace, Christina. You are in a far better place.

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