A Year Older, Wiser too … maybe!

I was born on Buddha Purnima or Buddha’s Day (if only I had any of that ‘enlightening’ streak though). After a long time, my Birthday date and Buddha Purnima were just a couple of days apart. That means … double party …more food!! :D.

My Mom still believes in celebrating birthdays based on Moon or Star positions (I have no idea what logic she uses to derive that). Every year, the first full moon of May would remind her of laadli badi beti’s birthday, but then she would forget to wish on the actual date. This has kind of become a ritual now. I call her up, talk about everything under the sun and just before saying bye would tell her – Abb to wish kardo, birthday hai mera 😛

This year is no different. And since I have disabled birthday notification on Facebook, I am for sure the recipient of world’s largest belated birthday wishes 😛

Roh, my adorable friend wished me with this sweet little birthday video. I can’t help but smile everytime I watch it (which I had been quite doing a lot). Thank you so much 😀

Thanks to a random typo, my nick name ‘Raji’ changed to ‘Baji’, and that’s what they call me now!!

I spent Buddha Purnima day at Nan Tien Buddhist Temple. Always love sitting inside the main temple, admiring at the walls covered with over ten thousand small Buddha statue. Yes, it is quite a sight. Since photography is not allowed inside, here’s a picture from the temple’s website 🙂

Source – Nan Tien Temple

The walls are decorated with thousands of statues of Buddha
Source – RC NET

What’s a Birthday without food and cake… and more food. I seriously need to get on the mat and do some Muffintop Massacre workout. Whatever I ate is spilling out of my Jeans now 😛

Spaghetti Marinara, Calabrese, Cosmopolitan Drink, Tiramisu
Dinner Date at an Italian restaurant, Rhodes

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Raj! And the pictures are a delight.. specially for someone who is trying to be on a "strict diet"..


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