[Yoga] Utthita Parsvakonasana #atozchallenge

A Whimsical Medley – Is my theme for the A to Z Challenge !! Hope you smile today 🙂


Starting the week with some ‘Yoga at Sunrise’ photos – The Extended Side Angle pose or Utthita Parsvakonasana. Presenting before you two variations of the pose.

This was taken few months back when the mornings weren’t so chilly… Winter is slowly approaching in Sydney and it would be long before I will do another yoga photoshoot at sunrise. These days my practice is limited to evenings – an hour after work. However, the cold is turning me into a bear on the verge of hibernation 😛 I am becoming so lazy.

Along with ClaireParul and Shalini we have formed an Unconventional Alliance with A to Z co-host Pam Margolis as the ring leader … all set to rock the party.

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