Travails of Vasisthasana #atozchallenge

A Whimsical Medley – Is my theme for the A to Z Challenge !! Hope you smile today 🙂


“What is this whole hullabaloo about Planks … It doesn’t look like much”, I thought as I positioned myself in a forward plank position. That was my naive self when attempting planks for the first time. I was so foolishly confident that I thought of completing the 5 minutes challenge, but reality kicked really hard, in my abs.

Within 30 secs I was flat on the carpet, inhaling dust, my arms sore, my lower abdomen burning like hell fire. Planks, my friend, is no cake walk. 

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It’s over a year now and I still can’t do 5 minutes forward plank (Kumbhakasana) at one go but combined with its variations, I can somehow manage to survive the ordeal: Side planks, Elbow planks, Spider-man, Upward plank and Cross leg. I always attempt the challenge at the end of my workout, mostly because after this I am incapacitated, and have to call my husband to bring crutches too along with the grocery.

Today I am presenting before you a variation of Vasisthasana, commonly known as the side planks. 

My friend decided to play with the reflection and photo-shopped two photos in one. Pretty cool huh!!

Unlike the Ninja Level Yogis who can do the advanced version of Vasisthasana, I am just happy to build my core and arms for now. Of course, since I am always over confident, I did try to do the Ninja level version too, only to have my ego steamrolled by inflexibility. Like seriously, how does the leg even stay up there!!

Do you practice Yoga or follow any other workout regime?

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16 thoughts on “Travails of Vasisthasana #atozchallenge

  1. From the photograph, I cannot think of any other name which will go well with that holding the leg in the air plank but Ninja plank. I do planks (elbow half-planks) and can hold upto 30 seconds on good days or retire at 20. I spent a good enough time gazing at the photo-shopped image to look for the glue which is holding the 2 photos together. Silly me 😀

  2. For a change I feel so glad that I'm able to do a bit of the first two planks these days!!! I know it's temporary, but still it feels good 🙂 😀


  3. Planks are way too tough! Not for me, no way!!! I do Yoga though and some pranayama too…but walking really helps me to get on track every morning.

  4. Me? Yoga? Huh?
    I think I last performed yoga asanas in school. And the one asana that we all enjoyed doing was the 'shavasana' 😛
    I like doing the Suryanamaskar, but I don't do it much nowadays. I hardly wake up on time to go for classes, let alone make time for exercise!
    The advanced Vasisthasana looks scary! :O

  5. Planks are mad tough! 😮 I started only two months ago, and with great difficulty I can do the palm, elbow and side planks for a MAXIMUM of 90 seconds and this is while feeling that I am going to fall apart! The only thing I hate more is probably the wall squat – aaargh!

  6. Arrrghh!! By joints protest even at the sight of so much stretching! But girl you are in awe of other yogis? When my jaw drops looking at your contortions, so you should feel happy about that!
    @KalaRavi16 from

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