The X-Wala Id #atozchallenge

I am pretty sure most of us would have that one incredibly embarrassing email Id created during college or school days. My share of embarrassing ids are never-ending. In an attempt to sound all cool, hip and intriguing, I created email ids with names that would make one crawl under the blanket and never come out. 

The first one ain’t that bad I guess – sinister_rajl … yeah that was my way to tell the world that I am boisterous… kickass evil 😛 Sigh!! I was so lame!!

I still use the second one but only for blogging purpose. And if you receive an email from that id I am pretty sure it would be directed into your junk folder. Why? Because it has Triple X in it.

Imagine this scenario. I was filling application for Visa and the agent asked me my email id on phone. I calmly replied,” l … u … x… x…x...”
After a long pause, he hesitantly said,”Excuse me ma’m
It was only then did it strike me what a ridicule I had made of myself. “Yeah yeah that’s right… yes it is triple x

The next thing I did after hanging up my phone (and my head in shame) was to create a proper email id.

In my defense, I was in college and had no idea what triple X meant or any X meant … and I couldn’t find a combination with single X or double X (all ids were taken). Now I know why the triple X remained.

Along with ClaireParul and Shalini we have formed an Unconventional Alliance with A to Z co-host Pam Margolis as the ring leader … all set to rock the party.

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14 thoughts on “The X-Wala Id #atozchallenge

  1. Fortunately for me there was no email when i was in school. BUT when the internet became a thing I went the opposite way and chose a very very boring email id. i use it to pay my bils. cuz…BORING.

  2. True! I made a very weird error in my first email id. We usually add our own birthdate to an id if we need some more characters to make it unique. I don't know what I was thinking of when I was making the account, but I added my dad's birthday to it! 😀

  3. ha ha!! My first was parul_lord that I stopped using. I was looking for jobs and it was too embarrassing to write that out on resume. 😛

  4. Hilarious. One guy has his email id specialdosa. This is his gmail and yahoo id. Not joking. it is for real. His nephew's email id is sadadosa.

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