Silhouette & Solitude #atozchallenge

A Whimsical Medley – Is my theme for the A to Z Challenge !! Hope you smile today 🙂
My husband loves photography and when he is not working in a cubicle, he shoots portfolio for Models/Actors/singers – Vivid Lights Studio

So when it comes to trial and error, and experimenting with different lighting conditions, lenses, angles, locations … I am the guinea pig. But well, I do manage to get some great Facebook profile shots.

“I am not strong for a girl, I am just strong” 

16 thoughts on “Silhouette & Solitude #atozchallenge

  1. OMG you are lucky, believe me. It's so nice to date or marry a man who's a photographer or like photography. My husband's photography skills are horrible. My son takes better selfies at 8 months of age!

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