Pigeons Find a Strange Home #atozchallenge

A Whimsical Medley – Is my theme for the A to Z Challenge !! Hope you smile today 🙂
Nature is strange sometimes, but strong and determined. The tress are felled non stop, concrete jungle is on the rise, the night sky is illuminated by skyscrapers and Aeroplanes. Amidst adversities, this Pigeon family found the oddest of homes as their little nest – a cleaning MOP on the fourth floor balcony, owned by my friend Ranjini and her two cats – Woody and Snowy.

Here they are, the Pigeon parents scouting the area.

They laid two eggs on the mop. My friend had to barricade this area to prevent her cats from jumping on them. 

As the time passed by two little baby pigeons popped out of the eggs.

But that wasn’t enough. Soon after the baby pigeons flew away, another pigeon family made it their home.

My friend has now cleaned up the area, replaced the mop with a box and is awaiting the arrival of a new tenant 🙂

Along with ClaireParul and Shalini we have formed an Unconventional Alliance with A to Z co-host Pam Margolis as the ring leader … all set to rock the party.

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16 thoughts on “Pigeons Find a Strange Home #atozchallenge

  1. So cute. Thank God for a saviour who helped the pigeons! A little compassion is all that is needed to help our feathered friends

  2. O that is so sweet of your friend to allow them to stay comfortably. These creatures don't ask for much. Just a little compassion and humble behaviour from us and that will be all!


  3. They made a mop their nest!! This makes for a wonderful post but sorry, I Hate them with capital H. They are such a nuisance here. They make nest on top of our window AC. I dont mind that, but they insert twigs and branches inside the AC through the vent on the top. Few days ago, during the AC servicing, there was more than a kilo of twigs INSIDE the AC!!

  4. Aha! I'm sure the new tenants will enjoy the luxury of an upgraded home. 🙂
    On a more serious note, I find it quite distressing that our modern concrete jungles are displacing so many birds that we used to see in our childhood. The sparrows and parrots that used to frequent our kitchen balcony in Mumbai have become a rarity.

  5. Weird! A pigeon had once laid her eggs in an empty flower pot in my balcony. Sadly, those eggs got thrown away before they were hatched, because the pigeon's constant guttur-guttur got me very irritated 😀

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