Of Job and Mommy Dear #atozchallenge

A Whimsical Medley – Is my theme for the A to Z Challenge !! Hope you smile today 🙂
I am pretty sure my Mom has no idea what I do for a living. All she knows is I sit on my bum all day long, furiously hitting the keyboard, pulling my hair once in a while. Which means all her motherly advice is related to how I should walk more, drink more water, carry dry fruits … breath etc etc. 

And if someone asks her, I have taught her just enough words to make others understand – Software, Java, Coding!! Although I am pretty sure she might not even remember those words. And if the other person is a parent of someone in similar occupation, then both of them would get together complaining how their kids are sitting with their laptops, day in and day out, refusing to even fetch a glass of water … constantly staring at the Dabba Machine.

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My Mom can be so cute at times. I had a hilarious time trying to make her pronounce Cognizant, the name of my first employer. With her strong Assamese accent, the words would hardly come out the way it should. She was so glad when I switched to a company with simpler name 😛

Along with ClaireParul and Shalini we have formed an Unconventional Alliance with A to Z co-host Pam Margolis as the ring leader … all set to rock the party.

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24 thoughts on “Of Job and Mommy Dear #atozchallenge

  1. So true…moms will be moms…loved reading you post! I've come across your other post which also talks about the Assamese accent. 🙂

  2. Ha Ha that is funny
    I had a similar incident

    My grandmother and I were watching TV and there was something about Bill gates. I told her he is the richest man in the world ( 10 years ago) .

    She asked me what does he do for a living
    I said computers

    She paused for a while and asked if he had children.
    'One girl' I said ( more than 10 years ago)
    She paused again and then said
    'mmm .. will get her married off in well to do family i guess'…

  3. Hahaha… mothers are simply awesome that way! I had a tough time explaining about my blog and why I do that!! I am sure she still does not understand all the gyan I shared! 😀

  4. Well I can relate to this…though I am not a software engineer ;)Enjoyed reading it. And about the Assamese accent…I can understand I have few good Assamee Friends:)

  5. Well I can relate to this…though I am not a software engineer ;)Enjoyed reading it. And about the Assamese accent…I can understand I have few good Assamee Friends:)

  6. You bet.
    And for someone like me who does freelance writing & stuff for a living explaining what I keep doing with the computer all day is just as crazy.
    I am sure, I am slowly becoming like her because 4YO has already started saying "Mom you have no idea what we do with computers at school".

    @theerailivedin from The Era I Lived In

  7. Mothers are a strange breed. I am educated and with educated daughters but when someone asks me what they're doing I say I don't know. Of course I know it, just that I don't want to brag and attract the evil eye

  8. Hahaha, isn't that so true of all us poor software-unsavvy parents! As a parent I'd like to say: you do sit on your bum all day long and forget there is a world outside that Dabba 😉
    @KalaRavi16 from

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