Inversion Diversion #atozchallenge

A Whimsical Medley – Is my theme for the A to Z Challenge !! Hope you smile today πŸ™‚
Everyone has that one Green Tea drinking Namastay’ing friend, who never stops talking about her Chakras and Third eye and keeps showing her yoga poses to anyone who would care to listen πŸ˜› 

Well … let’s just say I am that girl… can’t help it. Probably the only thing left for my friends to do is stick their fingers their ears while I blabber about my Urdhva Dhanurasana.

Bend it like Backbends πŸ˜›

And more backbends.

I am trying not to flood my Facebook timeline with picture of my feet suspended in air or my back turned in skewed angles. But when it comes to Instagram, it’s Halla Bol time. πŸ˜› You can follow me @rajlakshmihb .
Along with ClaireParul and Shalini we have formed an Unconventional Alliance with A to Z co-host Pam Margolis as the ring leader … all set to rock the party.

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18 thoughts on “Inversion Diversion #atozchallenge

  1. You can give complex to anyone with your amazing yoga poses. I may think of doing these asanas in the next janam, probably. I am sure of this lifetime, though πŸ˜€

  2. Wow hey! *looks at those body stunts and secretly wishes to do that some day* :p

    Chakras and green tea? Oh well, that sounds a bit like my mom. She's a pranic healing trainer, wonder if you've heard about it??

  3. Why do you do this all the time? You know I tried this asan for the first time, where you bend completely 3rd from above, and I think that was probably the last time. It took my back and shoulders and I realized it isn't as easy as it looks!
    Hats off to your body's flexibility πŸ™‚


  4. Yo girl! You are a human rubber-band! Terrific that your body is so flexible. I am content to see such postures, see no point in trying something which I can never hope to achieve πŸ˜‰
    @KalaRavi16 from

  5. Look how limber you are! And this is fun–time travel. I am doing a catchup on Sunday and here I find it tomorrow where you are. I was once very flexible, but too many years of running and power walking without adequate stretching have ruined it. I suppose I need to get back to work that way.

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