Hello from the Chaos !!

This … right now … as I type these words, is my only moment of Peace. As soon as I finish writing it, I will be back in the chaos of packing, moving and crossing out innumerable items on the checklist. So the big news is I moved over the weekend, to our first home.  Away from the city, surrounded by reserves and parks, this is my new abode. 

Elated, excited and extremely exhausted!! 

Since Friday evening I am in this state of continuous movement – cleaning, packing , unpacking, cleaning again. It was only when I first stepped into the house did I realize that I didn’t cancel and apply for new electricity account, the internet too and I am yet to figure out how to pay water bill or where to throw the garbage. See!! how prepared I am. 

My husband has obviously got his priorities right. He is researching on which X box to buy and comparing TV prices!! 

On top of that I am still discovering the house and the noises it makes. Like how the tap screamed out this morning when my husband used the other bathroom. I was half expecting the neighbors to come barging at our door for waking them up. Damn!! Need to figure out whose ghost is stuck inside those pipes. 

Since I was living in a rented apartment, we had to make it spotlesslely clean before handing over the keys. We hired this massive carpet cleaner from Bunnings. Frankly, it was the only exciting part of the cleaning process… to operate this massive machinery. In fact I had to beg my husband for a chance to get my hands on it. πŸ˜›

If I am offline and haven’t visited your blogs, please be patient… I will come back as soon as I find the modem … and my laptop … and the charger.

9 thoughts on “Hello from the Chaos !!

  1. Congratulations on moving in your own home. There is nothing like home. I am sure you will have a lot of happy experiences in your new home.

  2. The new house looks so cozy and cute. Oh, moving places is a big task… but I love the whole process of packing, unpacking and cleaning… you know about my OCD! That carpet cleaner looks huge… I's like to try using it too. Happy settling in your new home πŸ™‚

  3. Love your new home, Raji. It looks really nice.
    I know moving is not fun, but you've manage to do it with humour – and that's what keeps people sane at times like this.
    May you both enjoy much happiness and be blessed in this new abode.

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