All in a ‘Fri’day’s work !!

World’s Greatest Shave is one of Australia’s biggest fundraiser that supports Australians with blood cancer and fund research. Every year this event is celebrated with lots of fun and food at our office in Sydney. This time too there were many volunteers who shaved their heads to raise money, which is donated to The Leukaemia Foundation. You can read more about it here

In the evening a memorial was held at Manly to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. My friend and I took a bus from the city to reach St. Matthews Church. The program had already started but we managed to catch few shows. 

There were many emotional moments as I listened to the speech of few survivors. A short film (real video footage of Tsunami) was played as well which completely broke my heart. There was a scene where an old man was ambling on the road, trying to flee as a huge snaking wave of flood was chasing him. The scene moved and now I don’t know if the man survived. The film was followed by Pop song performance, choir , traditional Japanese dance, but my favourite was the Japanese Drums. Graham Hilgendorf and Masae Isegawa and their group called Yu Ni On completely blew me away.  I could hardly take my eyes off Masae Isegawa. Her hand movements were so quick and accurate. 

In between watching the show and wiping tears, we walked to the food festival happening nearby and tried some African Fataya.

More food followed once the show was over. I binged at Chat Thai while waiting for the Ferry to return back to the city.  😛

We had some interesting talk on some random topics as we sailed back to the city – Otori Book series, women in Korea, why Japanese girls are slimmer, discrimination based on skin color, sister’s boyfriend, rampant plastic surgery and Food 😀

14 thoughts on “All in a ‘Fri’day’s work !!

  1. Great work for a great initiative! The food pics remind me that I must get off my lappy and eat lunch. Of course, it's not as tempting as the dishes in your post!! Sigh

  2. I am not very strong to witness events like these. I do try to talk to victims on one on one basis. But so many of them together make me depressed. I feel helpless. Hats off to these fundraisers who do so much for the survivors.

  3. I feel so scared to watch anything related to these natural calamities and the havoc they cause.. It bothers me and I get upset..
    Anyway, I wish to eat all the food you mentioned's the middle of the night and you have made me hungry 🙆

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