Of Paintings & Handstands

Let me just pretend that it’s easy peasy. That it didn’t take me a year to get my handstands straight, atleast a hundred jumps before my feet could hit the wall, that I had a hard time washing my face because my arms were all jelly. I probably should buy a wooden spoon and attach it to my elbows, for days like these when I go crazy over inversions 😛

So in short, last week was pretty exciting. I now have all my favourite inversions in line … Tripod Headstand, headstand and handstand. 

This wasn’t the only new thing that happened last week. I have started Painting (yeah this blog is becoming bizarre every passing day)… it’s childish and totally immature and I don’t even have any original ideas … but I finally bought some inexpensive art supplies from Kmart and started it. All this to decorate my new room. I am going gung ho over Pinterest and Paints and interior decoration.

On Saturday I gathered few of my friends and did the famous Spit to Manly Coastal Walk, which is about 10km in distance. Stunning views, fitness and a wonderful time spent with friends!!

So how was your week?

21 thoughts on “Of Paintings & Handstands

  1. Very impressed with the headstand as I'm absolutely hopeless with that! and I love your paintings…wow! It is a great hobby and a super stress buster isn't it?

  2. Wow, Raj! The paintings are simply amazing! Marvellous job there, young lady! And, as I told you, I am your fan in the Yoga department! I, too, began Yoga around 6 months ago, and it feels rejuvenating after an hour long workout. The Sun Salutations are my favourite, and I, too, could feel my arms turning to jelly when I began doing all the exercises! But, I keep reminding myself – no pain, no gain!
    Cheers to you, sweetie! Keep going!

  3. Those paintings are beautiful!!! I wanna try my hand too (I'm terrible, but whatever :P)
    Dude, I saw those pics of the headstand on Twitter or Facebook, and I was smack-me-in-the-head-pinch-me-now GAPING. Respect!!!

  4. Wow ! A headstand. That is impressive. Recently I started yoga on a daily basis and I admire how you are able to do every asana to perfection. Great job on that.

    Your paintings are awesome and can't wait to see how they light up your room. Do share pics when it's done.

  5. These paintings are exceptional Rajlakshmi. You shouldn't say "I have started painting." Instead, an "I've become a fabulous painter" is more apt.

    P.S. I'm working on shirshasana too. Should be able to do it in a couple of weeks 🙂

  6. Oh God! How do you manage these headstands? Tell me you are superwoman, aren't you? 😉

    The paintings are wonderful, Rajlakshmi…A woman of so many shades, that's what you are and superwoman too 😀

  7. I can do a shoulder stand well. you are so good. and those paintings? gorgeous girl! I saw your picture from the walk. Those colors were beautiful 🙂

  8. I absolutely love the paintings! I am woefully useless in that department and am in awe of those who can bring colours to life so easily. As for the headstands, I am just going to say 'wow' and move on. No way can I do that if I tried for a 100 years!

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