Of Ooh, Aah and Om

I stretched, elongating my spine, then arched my back like a bow, arms flapping behind me, desperately trying to find the ground. A little more, almost there… almost there … and … it’s a touchdown!! Was I breathing… don’t remember,  don’t even know if the respiratory system is supposed to work that way!! I was pretty stoked at the thought of nailing Kapotasana B, probably even looked like the beautiful bird ready to fly. 

But, well how wrong was I, the picture in my mind was way … way off reality.

It’s a good thing that I take videos of my yoga practice. I know, Narcissist level – Guru 😛 The arms are never where they should be, knees flaying out and a look that says – Oh boy! I am Stuck. The biggest question right now in my life is how Kino MacGregor could talk and breath and do normal things while her head is snuggling between her knees, backwards. In all this twisting and turning, for some weird reason, I find Peace. There you go, that’s the secret to World Peace … make people do backbends 😛

Your mind is so busy figuring out some triangular bone structure called Sacrum, while constantly fearing if your spine will split into two, that all negative thoughts go kaput.


As if the planks and burpees weren’t enought, I bought myself some more pain: A Magnetic Hula Hoop, with beads. By God it hurts … so b a d. I am still finding hacks to use it in the least painful way possible. Each time I end up adding an extra layer of clothing around my waist, pillows on the feet and a blanket on my legs to subdue the pain. This is my fitness corner where I workout (read – do things that no one would do to themselves).

My concerned friends of course asked me why I indulge in all things crazy. Seriously, I got no answer for that. What’s life without being whimsy, right?

In short, last week was pretty exciting in terms of health and fitness (and aching limbs).

And and … I got to watch this gorgeousness early in the morning yesterday.

A speck of fireball, at the horizon.

19 thoughts on “Of Ooh, Aah and Om

  1. Woman!! Who are you? and you think you do it all wrong or something? Ask me? I'm not even close. And the worst part is, I don't even want to get close.. God knows when will I start doing yoga or exercise or whatever!

    You're outstanding Raj!


  2. Raj, you are awesome! Dhanurasan right? I can never do it properly. Though my flexibility is so much better now, I still have a long way to go. You, my dear, are an inspiration.

  3. This is that camel asana right.. We had a yoga class in our one wall ceiling to floor mirror dance room. And it was the most hilarious and also the most conscious yoga class I have ever attended!

  4. Ask me and I will tell you that you are doing very well. Most of the asanas I try have my belly stuck in between 😛 😛
    Plus – you are lucky! Who gets to see the beauty around as much as you do 🙂

  5. Beautiful post and I enjoyed your yoga posses! I remember those days of flexibility! not so these days. Wonderful musings along with this too 🙂 Have a great week!

  6. I started practicing yoga since last month and the only thing I can do correctly by now is Surya Namaskars. Rest all the asanas only end up being torturous. TO get to Kapotasana and Chakrasana is going to take me ages.

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