Travel Postcards from Jorhat, Assam

Today let’s soak in the simplicity and freshness of a city located in the North Eastern part of India. Jorhat, my hometown, feels like a world which has stood still in time, unlike the fast paced modern life. Here you can gaze at a clear night sky counting constellations, walk along the narrow path between swaying rice fields, catch fishes in fishery or silently sit along the curving banks of Brahmaputra humming old songs by Bhupen Hazarika.

A typical day starts as early as 5 am, but dusk too falls sooner, by 4:30 pm during winters.

A foggy December morning, sometimes the temperature drops to single digit at night.
Many villagers have fisheries in their homes, where they harvest different species like catfish, Catla, puthi etc.

Farmers harvesting Rice.

Gar Ali –  a major shopping area in Jorhat. Shops, restaurants and banks, built on both the side of the road, covering over 1.5 km. Big Bazaar, Pantaloons and many other brands have now opened their stores in Jorhat.

A green and serene Assamese countryside 

This time I got a chance to visit Nimati Ghat. Never realised that an unstable river like Brahmaputra could look so peaceful. Ferries carry cars, bikes and passengers, from one end of Brahmaputra to the other end. Majuli, the world’s largest river water island is situated on the other side. Probably someday I will get a chance to sail across this beautiful river.

Hope you liked this virtual tour 🙂

7 thoughts on “Travel Postcards from Jorhat, Assam

  1. So serene, so beautiful…the last shot is brilliant! North East is a place I've yet to discover.. Have visited only Imphal…sailing to Majuli sounds wonderful…someday! 🙂

  2. Ah! The North East has been on my 'to-visit' cards for a while; and your photos depict the gorgeousness and serenity of the place.

  3. Your pictures make me want to visit Jorhat sometime soon, Rajlakshmi. Simply beautiful! I especially loved the second picture with the reflection of the trees in the pond.

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