The Pronunciation Trouble

My Mom is obsessed about Sarees in Checked pattern. She doesn’t own many, mostly because even a normal cotton saree costs a bomb in my hometown, in Assam. The last time she bought one was in Nagpur, three years ago, during my wedding. My Dad had found this amazing store selling beautiful cotton Sarees at awesome prices. Awesome only to the eyes of Jorhat dwellers, because to us, Nagpur is so much more affordable with good value for money.

Anyhow, when I went home last December, my mom was still gushing over the checked Saree she bought at Nagpur. The problem is she can’t pronounce ‘Check‘ or any other word starting with CH. She pronounces it like Seck or Sess (Chess). You got the drift.

So that fine morning, my mother, her sisters (Mahi), my sister and my husband were sipping tea and relishing Pithas. Yeah quite a crowd huh!! That’s why it’s Home. 🙂 Mom started with how comfortable the “Secked” Saree was and asked me to buy few more “Secked” Saree and courier them. 

My husband, oblivious to all the pronounciation trouble, pipped in casually “Oh you want a Sexy Saree!!”

I coughed out my tea, my sister was rolling on the floor laughing, Mahi was wiping her tears with knife in one hand and half chopped spinach in other. The kitchen was roaring with laughter. But the most amusing part was the expression on my Mom’s face. She stood fixated for few seconds before rushing in to open her suitcase and taking out the check-patterned saree she was talking about, but we were too busy laughing our guts out. Till today I can’t forget her reaction. She can be so cute sometimes 😛

My husband has trouble understanding my Mom’s Hindi sentences as it is spoken with a strong Assamese accent. Most days he would safely nod his head and smile, but is bowled when she asks him a question. That’s when I translate my mom’s Hindi to Hindi for his benefit. 

Ahh home!! The fun never ends 😛

Leaving you with a picture of the mighty Brahmaputra.

33 thoughts on “The Pronunciation Trouble

  1. Moms are all alike, I think. And cute too. I can related to a lot of the things here. When my mom talks to S in hindi it is a laugh riot at home because if her Bengali or rather Khasi Hindi!

  2. Lol. I love listening to stories about family gatherings. The affectionate ribbing and leg pulling is so cute. I can imagine your mother’s reaction 😉

  3. Your mom has company. For me, its the Ra sound … It comes out as Gzha, I think. Which would be fine until you read my name – Roshan Radhakrishnan… Or as some hear it, Gzhaoshan Gzhadhakgzhrishnan 😑

  4. So simple and innocent!These pronunciations trip many and I am often corrected by my daughters.English language is such a funny language that there are no clearly understood rules for pronunciation.
    I enjoyed reading your hilarious post

  5. Visiting your blog for the first time! Your post brought back so many memories from my childhood days spent with Assamese friends and their families and the accent that you mentioned. Somehow, I find it very natural as I'm used to it for years 😀 Btw, mighty Brahmaputra looks grand!

  6. Hahaha, that made me laugh, what a cute story:-) and great picture. Wish you a happy 2016 with many moments like these- and please share them:-) 🙂

  7. Ha ha! such a cute story 🙂 🙂 And your pictures are perfect. Never seen such beauty in life. Have to visit that side of India. Btw – I studied in Nagpur.

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