Photo Blog: The Vacation

The last few weeks of December were super exciting as I travelled to India for the first time after relocating to Sydney. 7 flights, 2 time zones, food, 3 different cultures, food, travelling on foot, did I mention food!! I had been preparing my travel excel sheet 5 months in advance. My body clock was completely out of control and the first few days I was zombie-walking. But well, it’s home… who cares.

Here’s a photo blog, summarising my trip.

At Singapore Airport, in between posing and rushing to catch the sky train.


Nikki went crazy as soon as I opened the gate. She is as gorgeous as ever

Shopping with Dad at Gar Ali, Jorhat. Back to good old times.

The fields in Nagpur are just as beautiful. My husband took me on a tour every morning, to the fields nearby.

Macau sure knows how to light up their buildings. I felt like walking in a real life video game. 
Umm, dried fish I assume. Just a random street stall in a beautiful Chinese village Tai O.

Dwarfed by the amazing Big Buddha, in Lantau Island

A glimpse of Hong Kong Island 
I got so many stories to tell, please don’t mind me yapping for the next few weeks 😀


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