Of Suitcase, Sale and Sushi

Hello all the beautiful people out there 🙂 Let me just state at the beginning that this whole month I am not going to post any serious writing on the blog (not that I do 😉 ). It’s just going to be  on and off pictures or random anecdotes. The last month of the year is always busy. There are checklists to be completed, goals to be reached, people to meet … and the biggest one is – learn to pack a suitcase. Seriously I am so terrible at it that I have to youtube a video tutorial. It’s total chaos out here, which is doing no good to my already frizzy hair.


Last Thursday night I went to a Dress to Success Charity Sale with two of my colleagues. After exhausting my cash and buying some amazing brands at an incredible price, we headed to Sushi Hotaru to grab a bite. I was so excited to see the Sushi Train. There were numerous varieties of Sushi, going in circle. I picked the ones with caviar toppings, my friends ordered some soft shell crab handmade roll, lotus chips and a “salmon family” sushi, which we devoured in no time. 

Time to take pictures with our Loot.

The weekend was spent at La Perouse, where my husband had a photoshoot with few models. I roamed around, enjoying the cool breeze which was a huge relief from previous day’s 42 degree Celsius.  Never will I ever complain about winter. Once his shoot was done, I too managed to get some cool shots 😀

In case you wanna check out more of his photography – 
Until next time … 


7 thoughts on “Of Suitcase, Sale and Sushi

  1. I hate packing! My sis is so efficient when it comes to packing for longer trips…and I usually throw in stuff in a backpack.
    Lovely photos as usual! Have a great vacation! 🙂

  2. Your post is always a lively one Raj. You look awesome in the white dress. Let me tell you even I am way too bad to pack my suitcases. Good luck with all the busy work in the last month of the year. Looks like days are flying off na? Sigh! It's already december

  3. Niceeeee how did u like caviar?? Suitcase pack Karne ke liye u need a YouTube tutorial!! *facepalm*
    U shud have simply messaged me I wud have told u what to put where! Or even skyped��

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