Of Rain, Fog and Peace – Nan Tien Temple

Sydney’s dramatic weather few weeks ago was making it quite difficult to plan a proper weekend getaway. But then I was determined too. Come hail or high water, I would go out. As it happened, sun, wind, high water, fog all the elements decided to accompany us. Heavy clouds loomed over Wollongong, as seen from Sublime Point – the Southern Getaway.

When the horizon was no where in sight.

Starting late in morning, with coffee, hot chocolate and some good music, we drove towards Nan Tien Temple, about 80kms away. I have been there numerous times and each time I am captivated by it’s peaceful ambience, the silent Koi Fish and graceful Pagodas.

Thankfully, rain had given way to a slight drizzle as we parked our car. Like always, it was a busy day. We walked around the main temple for a while, admiring the interior walls decorated with thousands of golden buddhas, from top to bottom. A sight so bewitching that your eyes fail to wander it’s gaze anywhere else.

After window shopping at the shop selling handmade products by the monk, we let ourselves into the dining room. I love the food here. It’s simple and yet so delicious – broccoli, green leaves, zucchini fry and tofu (shaped like an omelette), all the goodness in one plate.

As the clouds hadn’t cleared we decided not to climb up to Gratitude Bell. On my last visit, wildflowers had started blomming in the sprawling acres of velvet green hilly landscape.

Maybe I will visit the place again on a sunny day 🙂

The moment we hit the highway, the road started getting covered in dense fog. I kinda feel both scary and excited when this happens. I really don’t have much experience of travelling in the fog, so to me it’s an adventure of sorts.

We got home safe and sound, and filled with memories. 

14 thoughts on “Of Rain, Fog and Peace – Nan Tien Temple

  1. Your climb up to the Gratitude Bell but have been a beautiful one. Well worth the incline. The temple is beautiful…all of your pictures brought the area to life for us so far away. Lovely photography.

  2. I had some weather like the first pictures on Lord Howe, but it was still magical. If you can go there, I think you should it really is very special.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

  3. The fog can be pretty bad on the drive down there. Even though I head south regularly, I have yet to stop at the temple.

  4. Oh, that looks really great – and I find rain and fog brings out thedrama in the nature too – it sure has its charm. Lovely visit you had to that temple dear:-)

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