Of Headstands & Fog

If you are on Instagram (@rajlakshmihb) and relentlessly stalk yoga enthusiasts, you would notice that many of them participate in monthly challenges hosted by other yoga practitioners and sponsors. For long I have been meaning to take up one of the challenges, but… well, most of the poses are simply beyond my capability. Although they post a beginner level video too, I never quite got around to participate. 

As I had said before, year-end is a period of irrepressible guilt. It makes you remember all the missed goals, the fancy promises made in a state of euphoria and pumped up dreams (and some red wine too). 😛

So here I am, taking part in a 13 day Challenge called #NamasteInNovember. Hope I atleast see this one to the end.
Setting things straight!
It had been pouring in Sydney since last week, the clouds hanging heavy over the city. Luckily on Saturday, the weather was perfect for a long drive. Or so I felt. The nearest place I could think of was Nan Tien, about 80km away. After enjoying a simple yet delicious lunch at the Buddhist Temple, we walked around the place for an hour, soaking in the tranquility. It was on our way back did we realise that the highway was covered with dense Fog. It’s such a different experience when all you can see around you is white nothingness. Kinda dreamy … and scary.
The Fog grew denser than this !!
My husband had a photoshoot scheduled on sunday, so I stayed back and did what I do best when alone – make a Zentangle Bookmark, yet again!! Seems like I will run out of books one day.

7 thoughts on “Of Headstands & Fog

  1. it is getting foggier day by day here tooo 🙂 reminds me of 3 or 4 years back, I landed in delhi and had to travel by road to chandigarh , cud not see anything in front and the driver was a maniac driving so fast .. I was shell shocked for sure…


  2. There goes Raj standing on her head again. How do you do it? A human pretzel, that's what you are! Wow, that was a lot of fog. Hope it wasn't too hazardous driving. Love your Zentangle bookmark.

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