Introspection !!

After growing up I realised that the perfect world that I was so fervently looking for doesn’t even exist. This broken beautiful world is all I have, and it’s imperfections are perfectly in sync with my idiosyncrasies. I cry along with the sadness that surrounds it, I smile at it’s dazzling beauty and when calls a cuckoo from deep in the woods, I listen, even though sleepy eyed.

The creation of a perfect world is beyond my capabilities. You see, I am not that great. But sure I can live in peace and not shove a fellow human. Not ridicule a belief just because I don’t agree. Beyond rules, rituals and cultural inhibitions, we are after all humans. And pain ain’t prejudiced.

What’s the toughest thing you have ever done in your life? For me it will always be letting go. I hold things a little too close to my heart, the feelings so tightly coupled that like a domino it ripples through my being. 

Life is about understanding that it’s OK to have your heart broken. Love will find me once again. It’s OK to be ridiculed. The ground beneath my feet is solid and still. 

I deliberately surround myself with positivity. I have unsubscribed many sites, shutdown bad news and never indulged in warfare of words. Tell me something, if you don’t know how to keep yourself happy, how are you going to spread smiles? Rise but don’t forget to hold your neighbour’s hand too. 

93% of mass in your body are made of stardust. See it’s not just the poets, even science agrees. You are born to shine, to blind the night sky. 

I am nothing but

Oxygen and hydrogen,

A luminous sphere of plasma

Held together by helium and gravity,

And like a balloon I float on earth,

Waiting to be released back into the sky
– Suzy Kassem

**Here’s offering you a cold drink after this overdose of philosophy.
***Around year-end I always end up doing introspection and retrospection. So more blabber to follow 😛

****All pictures clicked by my super-awesome Husband (Vivid Lights Studio


9 thoughts on “Introspection !!

  1. beautiful thoughts!! And such lovely photographs..
    I have had trouble letting go and this year my biggest challenge has been to step outside my comfort zone …

  2. Yes, gimme that drink!!!

    Just kidding, I'm quite awestruck by your candid and simple way of putting your philosophy across and agree with all that you have written.
    And those pictures are lovely!

  3. 'Blabber' is good. It made so much sense. I agree on the positivity bit. Somedays I open the newspaper and it's so full of bad news I just put it down right away. Keeping ones own self happy is a good beginning. As always your pictures are amazing.

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