5 Videos, on Repeat

Internet is like a time loop … how the hours are lost listening and watching the same stuff over and over again is beyond me. I spent straight 2 hours watching this video. It’s crazy. For the fear of getting stuck again I try (in vain) to stay away from this section of Youtube.

I chanced upon them while looking for Dance tutorials. My pancreas threatened to pop out when I tried to emulate their moves. Who needs a workout routine when you can do this!!

And this too. If you are addicted, don’t blame me.

As if these amazing girls were’t enough to send me into retrospective mode, there comes this tiny little angel … with a sword.

Seriously, what did I do all my life!!

These days I am into listening to mashups of Hindi and English songs. I feel they sound way better than their original versions.

Her other videos are just as wonderful.

I watch DID episodes (Dance India Dance) on youtube. The amount of talent these participants have makes me all weepy and goey . This is one video that I can never ever get bored of watching.

I hope you like them just as much I as do. 

13 thoughts on “5 Videos, on Repeat

  1. These days the only youtube videos that play at home are nursery rhymes. So it was refreshing to watch these.
    Btw I changed my blog url. Have linked the new one to this comment.

  2. I stay away from videos but the recent addition of videos on fb has got me interested. I liked the karate kid! Boy, she is awesome. All the dances were so awesome, gotta show it to my kid, he will love them!

  3. Dharmesh "Sir" is amazing. I remember watching him for the first time when he participated in the first Dance India Dance show. I totally get being carried away by dance videos, Rajlakshmi, some days are like that – that's why I stay away from YouTube. 🙂 And Yay! for the mashups! 😀 They're so clever with them, aren't they!

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