Zentangle – Yoga Girl

This was a quiet weekend. A lot of cleaning, washing, little bit of cooking and some Zentangling. Who am I kidding, it was all about zentangles!! πŸ™‚

Here’s my Yoga Girl, doing a Natrajasana or Dancer Pose.

Now I know the reason why my husband gives me the look when I want to buy more pens. Yup, I am the typical stationary hoader, who is excited by the arrival of perfumed-inked-glitter pens and cannot pass a craft shop without buying another set of flowery diaries, notepad and sticky notes. And yet, even after turning the house upside down, I couldn’t find a single eraser. So you can still see some of the pencil marks. 

And that’s me doing Natrajasana early in the morning. πŸ™‚

Seriously, I am slowly turning into the girl who’s always Namastaying and sipping Thai Green Milk Tea. πŸ˜›

How was your weekend?

22 thoughts on “Zentangle – Yoga Girl

  1. Raji,
    No words to express my thoughts at your talent. Girl, you are amazing, I totally agree with Athira, you are so flexible and what talent!!!! your way with pens, as always my guru to crafting…..

  2. I was trying to find familiar items in your stationery collection. I see some colored pens in the top-right quadrant (orange, green, purple) that look like Reynolds. Then there is a transparent body with blue cap on the top left… that looks like Jiffy or Finix, but I'm not sure. I also see some connector pens towards the bottom of the pic… they look like FaberCastell.

    So tell me how many I got right!

    That zentangle looks amazing! By the way, don't you have any mechanical pencils? They have erasers at the top end. πŸ˜›

  3. Hey I want to be the zen girl (or woman) 'namastaying and drinking green tea'. Instead I'm a crazy woman helping kids mug up spellings and make collages on 'health is wealth'!! This weekend was all about school assignments for me. PS: You and your zentangling are equally beautiful.

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