The Connection

Was it the Yahoo Messenger or good old Orkut, I can’t remember where it all began. For years on there was no face to the voice I spoke to every night, in whispers, fearing that my roommate would overhear our meaningless conversations. After all, rumours spread faster than light. We would talk nonstop, way past midnight, sometimes till dawn. It was an unusual relationship, which I never successfully figured out. It’s strange how the conversations that once evoked myriad of emotions, now don’t even register in my mind. 

You did ask once if there was a spark between us and I blatantly lied, pretending to be offended at such an obnoxious question. Later, realisation dawned that you too must be struggling with mixed emotions, unable to understand the weirdness of it all. 

We did meet, as promised. You couldn’t stop talking about the girl you were pursuing while I tried not to let my heart split into two. And just like how it began, it was over. We disconnected.

My heart still fluttered when a random email in your name would drop in the inbox once in a while, from forums that I had long stopped visiting. Hey, you forgot to remove automatic notifications and I don’t remember the login to disable it. It troubled me that even for a second, thoughts of you would cross my mind. 

Life moved on.

A forever later, in a busy market place, far from the country where we had first said “Hello”, I saw you. You grinned wildly, as you gently tossed a little girl in air, catching her ever so softly. The laughter rose above the chaos of the market-goers. I looked on and unknowingly smiled. There was nothing in heart or mind, just an admiration for a beautiful father-daughter moment. 

I didn’t stop to say “hi”, instead retraced my steps to a different stall, looking for a gift for my wedding anniversary.

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  1. Hey! Reminds me of the flirting game on Orkut and the bond made only to see the person disappear. I know feel that we had a connect and it's the time to move on, relishing the good moments:)

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