Of Workouts & Waffles

Pick your friends carefully for they make you do insane stuffs – like 30 Days Squat Challenge and leg workout challenge. Pfffftttt!!

Egged by my husband, I included push ups too. Now I am utterly useless at opening doors, or using limbs to do anything else in general. 15 more days to go. 15 terribly long long days. 

On a positive note, now I don’t fall flat on my nose while doing push ups. And my headstands seem super straight after burning my core.

The last quarter of the year usually reminds you of all the forgotten resolutions. Blogilates 30 days Abs challenge is already in queue. I better see some result after grilling through the ordeal. 

That is so me!!
But Loki is always lurking somewhere. One of my colleagues brought delicious smelling Sambar for lunch yesterday. All day long I only dreamt of slamming down a plateful of spicy sambar-rice. In the evening, rushing through torrential rain, I hunted down an Indian Store to buy some tamarind and Sambar Masala. Ohhh the smell in the kitchen even made my husband forget his diet. I must have eaten a cooker ful of rice with pumpkin and carrot sambhar. Then for some weird reason watched Final Destination 2. Don’t think my food got digested much. 😛

Have you ever left your husband alone in a supermarket while you are looking for couscous and broccoli? I did that and look what happened…

Grrrrr he is pure evil. Washboard abs!! Maybe next year.

18 thoughts on “Of Workouts & Waffles

  1. Hahah..!! Your husband seems more like me..!! And your workout plan.. I'm sure you'll complete the challenge.. Your determination for your workout is marvelous..
    All the best!


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