Of Sculptures & Octopus Ball

The last three days simply rushed past me. Those un-ticked items on my to-do list is resulting in a restless Monday morning. Unlike younger days when Friday nights meant movie marathon till wee hours of Saturday, this time I was tucked in bed by 9 and probably snoring by 10. Partly because my glutes, obliques and whatever godforsaken muscles that exist near abdominal area were on fire after a round of Muffintop massacre. {I have no idea how she is still smiling, my tongue was on the floor by the time I was done}

On saturday, we went for a coastal walk from Clovelly to Bondi, to see the “Sculpture By the Sea” exhibition – where more than 100 artworks were placed along the 2 km coastal line, starting from Tamarama to Bondi. It is the world’s largest annual free-to-the-public outdoor sculpture exhibition, displaying thought provoking works of some very talented artists. After lunch at Bondi, we walked back, admiring the sculptures once again. The cool ocean breeze was a welcoming respite from the heat. 

After reaching home the first thing I did was to apply layers and layers “Turmeric and Besan” paste. In fact I believe I ended up making my own Vicco Turmeric face wash πŸ˜›

On Sunday I woke up to the delicious smell of French Toast and coffee, probably the only perk of being married to an early riser as most weekends I am kicked out of bed even before the sun hits the horizon. For lunch we went to a food festival nearby. I ate fish cakes, korean chicken skewers and crab balls. I bought octopus balls too. As long as they looked round and fried, I had no qualms eating it, but one of the balls broke and out came an octopus leg. That was it, I couldn’t eat anymore. Strange how our minds work.

Crab and Octopus Balls

Did you have a good weekend?

14 thoughts on “Of Sculptures & Octopus Ball

  1. Muffin-top Massacre looks excruciating! Glad you survived it.
    Those sculptures on the beach are amazing. I'd love to go there!
    Seafood is my favourite and I would enjoy all of those.
    Thanks for sharing your fun weekend (except for the massacre part ☺).

  2. Bondi beach is famous – but I didn't know it was for the arts too! πŸ˜‰
    That octopus story will put me off from ever trying to have any, if I get the chance. Thanks for the Monday smiles, Raji.

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