Whimsy Yogi – Of Crows & Camels

Hello there, the whimsy yogi is back with her circus πŸ™‚

The September Yoga Collage

Of late I am training myself to move slowly into the practice. That way I have better control on my body, specially while doing arm balances and back bends. No hoping or jumping into a pose. Frankly, I am just too scared of getting stuck in a pose and not know how to get out of it πŸ˜› I know at least one person who will find it extremely amusing. If you haven’t guessed, that would be my husband.

Watching Sarah Beth’s video tutorial, staring at her jaw-dropping’ingly perfect posture and the way she easily gets into it, I attempted my first baby crow pose on Friday. Surprisingly I was able to hold it for a couple of breaths too. Although in the picture it looks as if I am licking the chocolate off the floor. Well yeah, I was just few inches away from having a major front teeth disaster. Pumped with enthusiasm and all those “misleading” positive vibes, I tried baby pigeon poses and then went on to do a full crow. As a result I couldn’t move my arms the whole weekend. Ohh this goody good sore feeling!!  My excitement sometimes takes a toll on my limbs.

1. Baby Crow Pose 2. Baby Flying Pigeon 3. Crow/Crane Pose
Forearm stands are a total ego-busters. And inconsistent too. Some days are Yaayyy, some absolutely Nayyy! The days when I try escaping core workouts, are the ones when arm balances and inversions becomes impossible. Since I am still working on my flexibility and stronger core, I attempt most of the intermediate level headstands, backbends and arm balances after about 45 minutes of workout. It’s good to prepare the hips flexor before trying to put  your feet over your head. 

Now all I need is a handstand, which I fail miserably at
One of the poses that escaped me for long was – floating camel. It was mainly because I didn’t have a beginner level video on how to easily transition into it. This pose will burn your thighs, no doubt. I practiced lot of Camel Pose variations before I got into it. It’s not even close to perfect, but I will get there… someday πŸ˜›

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