Tulip Top Gardens, Canberra

After experiencing the beautiful Floriade at Canberra, I thought no other garden could look any more fabulous. But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I visited the Tulip Top Garden. 

The sloping entrance, adorned with tall trees and pearly while flowers, left me mesmerised. I had never in my life seen trees with such gorgeous flowers. When I say flowers, it’s just flowers, no leaves  The flowers bloomed in almost every shade. Pink, red, purple, yellow, blue – it was so magical. A perfect dream land!!

The white ones looked cottony, as if snow is slowly melting on the branches.

This Cherry Blossom tree didn’t just have two coloured (light pink and dark pink) flowers, but the flower itself had two hues. Seriously, how amazing is nature!! 

A sight to behold – lavender coloured trees and orange tulips !! It’s straight out of a fairy tale.

If I ever have a garden, I will learn gardening and plant these … for sure!!

The little cherry blossom tree –  spreading smiles and beauty.

And lo behold … the most beautiful sight ever!! I still haven’t got over this dreamlike scene.

I will share the rest of the pictures in my next post. Till then, feast on these 🙂

You haven’t missed your chance yet… if you are anywhere near Canberra (Australia), don’t forget to visit Tulip Tops Garden. It is open till 11 October 2015, 9 am to 5 pm everyday. You need to pay an entry fees of about $14 for adults.

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21 thoughts on “Tulip Top Gardens, Canberra

  1. Oh my goodness, it looks absolutely amazing! I like that photo of you with all the different coloured flowers, stunning!

  2. Wow! That was a beautiful bouquet of pics you have showcased. I always thought such places are made through Photoshopping. 😀

  3. Oh my, what a gorgeous place! I would have never dreamed such a beautiful place existed. Loved seeing your photos! ♥

  4. Oh my, what a gorgeous place! I would have never dreamed such a beautiful place existed. Loved seeing your photos! ♥

  5. Embellished with hues of nature , nothing can be as beautiful as it is… Wonderland , fairyland…. whatever you say…… It is just perfect to be in nature's lap…. to be lost in dreams , singing hymns , every cells of our body feels the joy within , a music to our heart, a treat to our soul ………… !!!!

  6. Beautiful!! My cousin lives in Canberra and she had shared a few pics with the family as well!!
    Absolutely breathtaking! 🙂

  7. Wow wow, Australia is a dream destination for me for as long as I can remember, and these pics are making me want to just get up and go there now. Beautiful this place is! 🙂

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