Sheroes – The Survivors

Unlike others, hers wasn’t the case of jilted love. Rupa was only 15 when her stepmother poured acid on her face as she was unwilling to carry her wedding expenses. The wedding was cancelled and her father refused to take her to medical care if she dragged the stepmother’s name. Yet, the braveheart lodged a complaint, leading to her stepmother being jailed for 18 months. For 6 years she hid behind her scarf and uncertainties. After going through an ordeal of 10 surgeries, she is now working towards her dream to become a designer. It’s tragic that there are many like Rupa, who have been so brutally scarred. Read more about her on her FB Page – Acid Attack Fighter Rupa

Image – Facebook page
I am often overwhelmed with emotions while reading the tales of Acid Attack Survivors. Their incredible courage and sheer determination is so heartwarming  that tears well in my eyes, not because of sorrow but out of pride. These are the girls who are teaching real life lessons – of bravery, of faith and of humanity. Their stories force us to look beyond the superficiality of our society. 

I am trying to, in whatever way I can, help Rupa set up her online store. I wish I could do more: meet the survivors, hug them and listen to their stories. The SheRoes Café near Agra (run by acid attack survivors) is now on my must visit list. If you live anywhere nearby, do drop by and further encourage the girls.

If you too want to help Rupa, click here – I want to set up an online store

Lastly, have a look at this empowering photoshoot of Acid Attack Survivors. 

Image source – Google, Photographer – Rahul Saharan

For more – Beauty of soul

There are certain lessons that we must learn before we unleash ourselves into the society – it’s not about beauty or brains, it’s as simple as being compassionate.

9 thoughts on “Sheroes – The Survivors

  1. I just fail to understand how people can do such a thing. Its just pure vengeance and nothing else.
    And the punishment is just 18 months for a life time scar?

  2. An inspiring post about bravery and determination. Rajlakshmi, you have helped us all by sharing their story and dreams. My best wishes for them all, nothing can stop them now, they will succeed.

  3. Kudos to all the efforts they show up..!! I know this place in Agra, a restaurant, that has only acid attack survivors as their staff.. serving all the people with utmost love and a pleasing hospitality..!! Pride is the only thing, that comes to me as an emotion!


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