Monday Musings

Have you listened to the latest Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song? It’s all autotune and the rap doesn’t make sense, but I am in love with the video. Hrithik is such a handsome man and Sonam looks gorgeous, but what I liked most is the vibe of 90’s era. The colors, the innocence of love, the happiness of simple things… in the rat race of loud music and inappropriate clothings, this is a beautiful feel-good video, plus seriously, who can not fall in love with the song – Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi mei aana!! Haayeee!!!

Forearm stands are so tough, I don’t know how others do it. Like most of my inversions, I practice them safely against the wall, but it’s just so difficult to keep still. Backbends are another challenge, specially Kapotasana. I used to read about how yogis would feel vulnerable in that position as it opens up the heart, symbolizing you are opening up your deepest emotions. It’s when I started practicing did I realize how true are the words. I realized that I am actually scared of King Pigeon pose, and try to push it to the end of the practice. 

A new goal has been added to my neverending list of to-dos: attend an Antigravity yoga class. But they are so damn expensive!! My husband gave me one of his looks and said – I will tie a bedsheet for you, Jitni Kalabaazi karni hai kar lena. I am pretty sure instead of Yoga, he will enroll me to a Circus. πŸ˜›

18 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Hrithik looks awesome. Cos this video was on your blog, I watched it. Else, I would have never seen this one. Thanks!
    Lol! Circus?? That bedsheet suggestion is cool. πŸ˜› Will checkout anti-gravity and you are awesome yaar. I can do only sarvangasana. Other than that, nothing! not even halasana. πŸ™

  2. My goodness..!! If it's difficult for you then what about the rest.?! The video is amazingly hot..!!! I so much loved Hrithik.. and Sonam looks stunningly beautiful in the video..!!


  3. haha…wow ask him to click pics also as he ties the bedsheet to you!
    And I liked the video too…They look nice together actually which makes it even better!

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