Inspire, Motivate … Oh Shucks!!

The day Vidya talked about
Collecting smiles ebook, requesting bloggers to send inspiring and happy
posts,  I realised that there’s not one
post in my entire 7 years archive that matched the theme. Seriously what have I
been writing. Today while commuting to work by train, I read few thought provoking
posts by
Naba, Corinne, Vidya and Suzy (They are like the super bloggers who
can fill you with enough motivation and deep insightful thoughts to last the
whole day… and longer

Today, I too am determined to
write some heart-melting inspiring stuff!! Hmmm ahem …so how do I actually go
about it?

After staring at the blank notepad for twenty

Isn’t it universal fact
that pictures speak louder than  words. Like
a hungry media scavenging for news, I
scrolled through my Google photos to find a suitable picture that would make
readers weep with inspiration and motivation and all those gooey feelings.

hmmm Chicken feet… naah  think I have freaked enough people out of my
How about this red flower?? mehhh what am I … Romeo. 
Scroll scroll
ohh yeah this sunrise…
noooo I need to inspire people not depress them. 
Scroll some more (ignore the
pictures with my legs suspended in air) People have already started identifying
me by my feet. 
How about this gorgeous picture of me running after the birds?
…. really!! how much more narcissist can I be??

Ok pictures no good.

I should rather write some
real life anecdotes. 

How about that time when the buttons of my jeans flew apart
at the office… naah the generation of Poonam Pandey doesn’t need more
When I spewed a mouthful of water on my friend … never !!! this
is why I don’t have many friends. 
hmmm what about that day when I tried to catch my roomie  like a fish with a mosquito net … {ok I
seriously don’t know why I still have friends} 
Burnt Biriyani… nope.
Smelly toes … yuck. Nose infection … shut up.

Think straight… breath in
… inspire inspire inspire. (don’t forget to breath out)

300 words and yet the only
thing I successfully did was to … well do nothing.

Sigh!!! I am too unstable
for this stuff. I better limit to reading and admiring these beautiful bloggers. Peace Out / 
Oh by the way, I was in Canberra last weekend where the beauty of nature left me bewitched.

15 thoughts on “Inspire, Motivate … Oh Shucks!!

  1. Your effort on the take was very admiring and cute as well to read how you struggled with finding a suitable topic.. and yet you write so beautifully, so much of ease.. and your yoga poses.. I think they already are in the good place to provide motivation!


  2. Hahaha, that was a fun read, dear Raji:-) To me you are an inspiration – love your joy, yoga, poems…. and love your amazing pictures- and this one with the flowers: WOW! You do girl!:-) Hugs

  3. Raji, This post is so funny. I also feel like that many times. I feel the picture you have put is the most amazing one. Its straight out of a dream.

  4. Lol Rajlakshmi you're funny. And you do inspire us. Your mindblowing yoga to begin with – that you push yourself constantly to do better. Then there are those amazing pictures – they quite make my day.

  5. Haven't I left enough comments saying "beautiful", "you are an inspiration", etc. Raj? You know I am telling the truth. Like Naba said above, no one can come here and leave depressed. Even you have to admit that this post was funny. You are one of my favorite bloggers. 🙂 🙂

  6. You know Rajlakshmi , how you inspire us all?

    With laughs and smiles my friend, with laughs and smiles! And all your pictures inspire in one way or the other..either to try new cuisines or to travel and discover new places or to do yoga!

    No one can come to you post and go back depressed or in a foul mood after reading what you have written!

    So, thank you for that <3

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