Zen…tangled !!

Hello there, I really can’t move much today, not after walking and hiking for over 10 km yesterday. It was absolutely amazing… but my limbs, right now, hate me.

Wanna feel small? How about this!!

So after fixing some comfort food, which is good old Daal Chawal and Aalu Bhaaji , I rolled up my sleeved and finished this Fish.

For some weird reason, I love Owls. I even have a neckpiece with Owl pendent 🙂 Here’s another zentangle.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

21 thoughts on “Zen…tangled !!

  1. 10 Km. Ouch. The Zentangles are gorgeous. I have a solid owl fetish, Rajlakshmi! I have several pieces of junk jewelry featuring owls 😀 And I LOVE the owl Zentangle!

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