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I am not a Gym person. My last visit was way back in 1994, to Officer’s Club gym in Guwahati Army Cantt, where the super smart older girls would spend hours on cycles that don’t even move. It was curiosity that had driven me to ride one of them, mostly to figure out how they were different from my beautiful Ladybird that could fly like a sparrow. I was in class 4 then.
These days, I won’t even dare. The scary hi-tech machinery with bars and handles and huge wheels looks like Willy Wonka’s factory to me. If not anything, I would probably get trapped in one of the conveyor belt-like thingy, screaming for help. Neither do I own gadgets that would track the distance I run, monitor my heartbeat or the calories burnt. I totally understand if you think that even your grandma is more “hip-hop” than me {frankly, even I feel that}. Although, I sure am guilty of sneakily checking my weight on bathroom scales sold in Kmart.
I have had numerous arguments with my gym freak husband, who swears by his dumbells and elliptical. He used to be a trainer during his college days. To think that we ended up together is the biggest joke destiny could play. No matter how insane it sounds to Gym-lovers, I accepted the challenge of being fit without stepping into a gym. No, this was’t the motivation behind my fitness routine. It was when I ran 500 meters and then ended up crawling the rest of the distance, I realized I have aged more than I should.
And then began the evening jogs, the excruciating planks and burpees (seriously Burpees must have been an ancient punishment ritual awarded to those who unconditionally loved their bread and butter), Yoga and most importantly – a clean eating lifestyle. I am a foodie and initially I would end my workouts with a plate of samosa and mint chutney. So you can imagine that surviving on salads was not my thing. I cook and eat a proper Indian meal.
It DIDN’T begin on “one fine day“. Nothing looks fine during the first few weeks of working out. The bed seems extra fluffy, the food extra delicious, the bathroom – a murderous place from SAW VI and the fitness freak husband starts resembling Voldemort. I would surely have donkey-kicked him if only I could move my legs. It was slow and painful, but for whatever godforsaken reason, I continued. 5 days a week!! 
It’s almost a year now and this is my makeshift gym, a corner in the apartment dedicated to my circus. 

Ignore the creepy look πŸ˜‰
This space has seen me following Jillian Michaels moves, being dragged out for evening runs, jumping against the wall in an attempt to do handstands, climbing up the door-frames and getting stuck in yoga backbends. This is wear I cursed and toiled, fell and hurt, skinned my knees, darkened my elbows, lost my hair and broke numerous hair clips. This is my space of victory and joy.

I feel good – happy and healthy. In addition, I used to shop between size 10 and 12 two years ago, eight months ago when I started practicing Yoga again, I was  between size 8 -10, last week I shopped for size 6. I have never believed in crash diets. It’s takes sweat and discipline to sculpt your body and reach the level of fitness you desire. Although, I still can’t run much. Come summer and I would be crawling on the road again, but this time atleast I will make it home without crying πŸ˜‰
Sunrise At Clovelly Beach
And yes, I am still winning the challenge πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Of Makeshift Gym & Fitness

  1. You are truly inspiring!! I love Gyms but its been ages since I went to one! I think I must focus on fitness too! Sigh… so many excuses I have to avoid one though!

  2. Would you believe that I have never been to a gym? Like seriously. I know how they look cos they have see through glasses and I have seen the office one. But I just cycle to Yoga or walk. And I eat good food. Not samosas but jalebi! I dropped a size and now I just need to maintain it. With my height, I am 10 kgs overweight but that doesn't seem to come down at all. Loved reading your post. I can't do any of the asanas that you do. But Yoga is the best workout ever πŸ™‚

    1. I too see those funky things from glass windows πŸ˜› ohh jelebiiiiii … yummy
      congratz on dropping a size, I can understand how much you have toiled πŸ™‚
      don't worry you will reach your goal soon πŸ™‚

  3. My husband is a certified yoga instructor but he swears by gym too. He pushed me to join the gym. I think once we both get to our proper weight we will quit gym and practice yoga at home.

  4. You're A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It doesn't really matter what kind of exercise one likes as long as we're doing something. I've been out of touch for the past ten days or so and I can FEEL the laziness trying to take over! Guess now's a great time to get back.

  5. Bravo to you! I need to do this and haven't been to a gym in about 20 years. I do have an exercise bike which I ride, but I need to incorporate some more exercises with that. Unfortunately, I love food too. I admire you, if only I could emulate you! β™₯

  6. I hate the gym, too, and am not very fit, I must admit. Extra weight has snuck back on this summer from being slack and getting off track. Hey, that rhymes!

    I admire you staying with your fitness routine and doing it your way. I always look at your yoga poses in awe and think "How does she get her body to go like that?" I could never do it. You Go, Girl!

  7. Good on you! That's amazing effort….it takes work to stay fit. I am a gym junkie and I find food the hardest….but you do feel good when you eat healthy and exercise. Keep it up!

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