Don’t think I can walk anymore !!

Today was cake-day at the office. Four different delicious cakes !! And my lunch consisted of buttered pulao and chicken curry, which I had prepared (surprisingly, without any disaster) for dinner the previous night.

So today, as soon as I got home, I killed myself on the mat, with these workouts!!

I am a huge fan of Cassey’s videos and absolutely love her energy and moves. When I am not doing yoga, I try to build a stronger core and make some fat cells cry.

If you survive this, hop on to next routine. I took plenty of rest between reps. My core might just pop out one day and say – Stop this circus.

If you are brave, repeat 🙂

And then finish off with Planks Challenge!! 

I don’t think I can walk anymore!!

21 thoughts on “Don’t think I can walk anymore !!

  1. Cake day at office! Awesome! Those cakes are so tempting! Hats off to your commitment towards fitness! After eating such lovely cakes, thought of burning those extra calories would never cross my mind! 😀

  2. The cakes look so yummy. I would have thought twice before burning it out!

    Thank you for the videos, will be using them as soon as I'm back to being healthy.

  3. How dedicated and committed you are for health! I would have just left it as yest another day's binging.Will check out these work outs. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Wow quite am office! Do you have a place you can go and sleep after eating this much? 😉
    I love Cassey's videos too…she does her routines so effortlessly! I haven't been able to do an entire routine together with her, keep taking breaks!

  5. These workouts look amazing. I have been looking for a video which has yoga for beginners, but I am not able to decide which ones are good. Do you follow a program dvd?

  6. When I worked I loved those days when everyone brought in food and we had us a party. So much fun. We would graze on food all day long. I remember folks bringing in appetizers, chips and dip, veggies and dip…I used to bring home made pizza. I will be checking out your work out videos!! Thanks for sharing. Providence knows I need to try something. 🙂

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