Wisemans Ferry, Sydney

Sometimes even a warm winter weekend is a gift, an escapade from the stress that accumulates over the week. I have spent a major part of my childhood in places surrounded by waving rice fields and snaking hills covered with tea gardens. The call of the wild is pretty strong, and I hear it every single weekend. Fortunately, living in Sydney provides immense opportunities to feel at home, to bask in the glory of nature, to walk along riverside and climb wayward hills.

About 130 km from western Sydney, is the quaint town of Wisemans Ferry. The place was referred to me by two of my friends. A quick google search was convincing enough for me and my husband to pack a picnic and drive towards north. 

My love for road grows fonder with every journey I make. To watch the sunlight flicking between trees, the gush of rushing wind, the winding pathways!! Since I don’t drive, I make the best of time by noting down places, reading the names of creeks and most importantly, deciding where to buy snacks from.

After about an hour and half, when the GPS indicated that we have reached Wisemans Ferry, I was quite confused as there was nothing in front except for the wide Hawkesbury River. I looked around, only to realise that we had parked over this huge cemented boat that was supposed to carry cars across the river, to the actual location. Now, that was quite new and pretty exciting. 

We drove around the little town for a while, up and down the sloping roads. Nestled between mountains and a river, is a Gold course, barbecue area and a huge playground. You can even enjoy helicopter rides.

Since it’s winter, the place wasn’t crowded at all. Just a couple of families enjoying a picnic, while the kids ran around playfully shrieking. If only I was little, I would have been on the lying on the grass, swaying my arms, watching the incredibly blue sky 😉

I walked along the river, soaking in the view, breathing in the freshness, and hoping that one day I would bring my family here too. They will absolutely love this place. Even more than beauty, it’s the serenity of the place that you immediately creeps up to you. The “Inner Peace” kind of peace!! 🙂 I feel it’s one of the beautiful places around Sydney and perfect for a relaxed outing with friends or family.

There are few national parks around, but I didn’t get a chance to visit them. You can also visit the Australian Reptile Park at Gosford.

And if you are photography enthusiast, well I don’t have to prove further how gorgeous the place looks. Grab your model, equipments and hit the road.

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  1. Road trips are therapeutic. It's not much the destination for me as much as the journey, the passing scenery, the changing landscape.

  2. Sounds and looks like a perfect place to soak in the beauty of the nature and relax and unwind too.

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