The Hopeless Roundhouse Kick !!!

I have this insane desire to perfect the roundhouse kick. You know, the kind that would break bricks and wood … and jaws. For some weird reason, I find kicking and breaking stuffs fascinating … empowering even. I did go to Taekwondo classes for a couple of months during my college days, but that only ended up with practicing few front-kicks on the pillow, which was , I swear, ‘willingly‘ held by my sister. Although, she never forgets to remind me of my ‘tyranny‘ and I end up funding her year end fashion purchases. Sigh! so much for all the karate action. (Read previous adventures here – the hopeless Taekwondo Kid )

But that doesn’t stop me from attempting those killer moves. Youtube Zindabaad!! Of course I end up hanging the curtains back on the door (you have no idea how many times I have to untangle myself from these bhhloody things), turn back the chairs which have been flying all around the room and glue the vase together (and pray that no one would notice). In short re-arrange the battle scene back to hospitable living condition, before the husband arrives. The night would be spent applying layers of pain relief cream on knees and ankles and back and elbows … old age is terrible!!

You would think that for such ambitious dreams, I would atleast have a fearsome demure. You couldn’t be more wrong. Infact, few years back I was specifically asked to be more aggressive. I replied with a blank face and blinking eyes. Neither could I figure out if I was asked to carry a Sword to the office? I mean how is this small-eyed girl with lamb like expression supposed to give out the Khunkhaar vibes!!

And it’s not just my structure. For a short girl, I bump my head a little too much and hit the knees at the same spot. In fact, I got three scars right on my face, which I wear with extreme pride, a sign of an adventurous childhood. One of the scar is actually my identification mark, you know, in case I get lost and lose my memory and for godforsaken reason my family decides to track me down.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

I am still alive and supposed to be stronger. How about a roundhouse kick practice tonight?


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19 thoughts on “The Hopeless Roundhouse Kick !!!

  1. Holy crap my comment went thru…! Finally!! Been struggling to do that on your and other blogger sites for a while now! Yay.

    You my dear, have one heck of a blog. I love all recent posts and the pictures too.

  2. LOL! I tried to imagine you with the "Khunkhaar" expression, but failed miserably! 😀
    I have to start on this challenge now that the June-Favorites series is over. There is no one left for me to tag!

  3. Such a funny post Raj! 😉 Enjoyed reading this. 🙂 Hopefully you will ace the "killer moves" just in case, though it seems that bumps in the head might be a more regular occurrence? 😉 <3

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