The Happy Place

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do 
with your one wild and precious life?” 
– Mary Oliver

Warning – Philosophical Gyaan overloaded 

This time around last year my stress levels were skyrocketing. With wild hair and dark circles, I literally killed a cockroach with my bare hands. Yeah total yuck!! But it was right after going on cockroach murdering spree that I looked at myself and gave a stony questioning glare of – what the heck is wrong with you!! Even wrote about it – Momentum of a moment (typical blogger eh)

Without much ado, I resigned from my previous job and started looking for new opportunities. That is probably one of the riskiest thing I have ever done in my life, mostly because I had recently moved to Sydney and was totally ignorant about the job market here. 

This one act triggered a shift in my perspective towards life. It’s not that I wasn’t a rebel (read troublemaker) already, nor was I a tragedy queen. But I disliked Change. Absolutely hated it. You would think for someone who studied in 9 schools and changed 6 houses in the last 5 years, this must be like eating chocolate. Instead, it just cemented my instinct to tightly hold on to things, place or people. All’s well that ends well, and with that I learned the lesson of acceptance.

This quote strikes hard with me. It makes me question myself every time I am at a crossroad. Off late, I am always in search of a happy place.  The place I can turn to, when the trouble bubbles. And why should that place be just one! 

Fortunately enough I love my job, love anything with mushroom, travelling, writing, paper crafting … and of course indulging in Yoga. So you see, I already have happy places and don’t have to look too far. Maybe neither do you.

But at times, when the mind stubbornly refuses to find that place for you – Ask yourself the same question, 

What is it you plan to do 
with your one wild and precious life?

I plan to be anything but that wild hair girl of last year.
A cabin by the lake, nestled between light green hills – the kind of happy place I wish someday I would retire to. 
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9 thoughts on “The Happy Place

  1. I used to abhor change a lot and perhaps I still do but Acceptance matter. Taking Risks is something that will help us go to places and makes me wonder why we are scared.

  2. Change is difficult to accept.I have realized that accepting the change with a smile, makes the journey more beautiful and satisfying. And yes, it helps us to learn and grow too.

  3. Glad that you took the risk..I remember reading about that last year… I guess we all need to be brave and at times take the task of transforming our lives, finding our happy place in our own hands, however risky! Kudos to you my dear!

  4. I guess in the chaos of life we all have our happy place like a tiny refuge from the madness. As long as we have a few happy places we are set to take on risks and challenges. Glad things worked out well for you Raj. Your post exudes such contentment.

  5. I loved that quote and your post was very honest. We all go through crazy moments and it's okay to just let them pass by..

  6. Thoughtful words, Raj. Both the quote and your write-up. Often we come to those points in life when we have to pick up the courage and go with what feels right, even if the path ahead may be risky or uncertain. There are no short-cuts to happiness, I suppose 🙂

  7. At a point in my life when I'm trying real hard to find some inspiration to do a lot of things, I find your blog to be a constant source of it. Hopefully, this time next year, I'll be saying the same thing as you are now, and then, I'll credit you for it 🙂

  8. Id love to be anything but what i am now. Yep, thats a red herring. I know. But i have little kids and its just impossible to take radical decisions now. Yep, i am that wild haired gal right now. Waiting for the right time i guess. Great pic…awesome post.

  9. Every experience even the craziest one is good if it triggers a thought process, some introspection that makes us better and richer in the long run. BTW, I love mushrooms too. 🙂

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